Discussion on the combination of Forum promotion and blog circle

as a webmaster, I can say is very failure. From 03 years to do the station, the longest standing for half a year, and then fell down. It’s hard to make a stand now, traffic difficult, not to mention the money. I still have a job (I’m a teacher), I’m not very well paid, but I’m not starving. OK, there’s a buddy said: don’t be so much nonsense, you say these useful. Well, the point below.

in the second half of 07, the school let each teacher build blog. I got one on the Sohu, and then found a blog circle, called "grassroots teachers" for professional sensitivity, I joined the. To find inside is very lively, it is a small forum. And I also found a few shortcomings of the circle: 1, the number of members of the circle is limited (up to only 500 people), so the circle of administrators can not only remove the occasional non active personnel to Teng position. 2, in the circle of post replies have physical problems, not only physical decline. At this time, I suddenly had an idea: to build a forum, and then call the teacher to the forum inside the exchange. With the idea that there must be action, the next step, buy rice to buy space, start building.

1, is the first choice of rice: My Forum for a name of "grassroots teachers", so I bought a Pinyin m www.caogenjiaoshi.com (although it’s a bit long, but I really love the) in addition, I put caogenjiaoshi.cn and caogenjiaoshi.com.cn is also a registered, (oh, a piece of money a).

2, meters of the problem solved, the space can also be said that a friend has a server, with his first, this face or some. The rest is to add information publicity. Add information to say, whether you are original or ctrl+v and ctrl+c, anyway, the forum can be filled, there will be no content.

3, publicity should pay attention to the point of skill, can not be directly to the inside of the circle advertising, so that no one will go to your forum to get bad, but also to be removed from the main circle. My approach is: do not busy propaganda, first bubble inside the circle for a period of time, more than a good point of the article, and we know about, especially the circle of leadership. Often go to their blog, and they communicate more, more interactive. After a period of time, you can tell the Lord, you build a forum for the development of the circle (say the circle of the shortcomings), can also be regarded as a subsidiary of the circle. Let them help you. In general, the circle will agree. Then you circle inside find a few more active bloggers, invite them to your forum moderator. They won’t refuse for no particular reason. My forum moderator http://s.caogenjiaoshi.com basically is the circle of friends. This method of propaganda is much better than your advertising, and are loyal users.

4 the addition of the chain of skills: or the use of the blogosphere, you can let your forum note

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