wish you a chicken years parrot brothers will be the next Xiongben bears

another mascot from Japan became popular.


the two seemingly chicken image recently in Chinese social network Shangcuan red. Their big eyes, exaggerated blush and yellow feathers, the shape and the Xiongben bears some similarities to include "all the key elements of adorable" word.

and Xiong Benxiong, they are mostly in the form of expression stickers, coupled with the popular words on the network, spread easily on the social network.



but the two years beginning to send blessings in the chicken "chicken" is actually a parrot. Their name is called the Poinko brothers (Genesis, and studies, is Japan’s DOCOMO Communications) in December 2016 to promote the development of the product D card mascot cards.

DOCOMO also launched around the corresponding Poinko brothers, including toys, mobile phone shell so you can see the daily purchase, obtained by integral transformation, and must be DOCOMO users can get the opportunity to purchase a membership. Perhaps it is because of this reason, DOCOMO took their name for the Poinko Brothers – Point is the point, inko is a parrot.


can get the way of Poinko brothers peripheral is quite limited, the popularity of the image can be regarded as a successful mascot of japan. "Taizhi is offended, see these characters feel heart melted." Japan, a local messaging platform livedoor, many users are so evaluation.

Japanese companies and the government is keen to promote the mascot can be traced back to 1980s, and the mascot began to emerge in 2007 after. In "David · Hikone 400 anniversary", the mascot of Hikone cat too adorable and because the shape in Japan became popular, then continue to follow. Xiong Benxiong, the most recognizable in China, was born in 2010. In 2016 in Japan once a year mascot contest (in the fields of beauty – lumira lumira, group communication, from her) regions and enterprises reached a total of 1727 mascots.



in 2016 to participate in the mascot of the mascot contest selected a total of 1727

an interesting finding is that the mascot can have a popular mascot image. The key points and adorable as micro-blog, after the account @ station to send the Poinko brothers face expression, micro-blog account @ Xiong Benxiong expression comments: "suddenly find a blush is very adorable ~"

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