He Meng graffiti business model is not qualified to talk about who

      in August 2007, the "Babytree" website by the famous American new economy magazine "business 2 (Business 2) as the world’s top ten most powerful business model" (10 World-Shaking Business Models), but the day before the face of the Internet Magazine, "Babytree" CEO Wang Huainan but the results somewhat unexpectedly, he even said "I don’t think we have a business model". Of course, this can be understood, Wang Huainan’s belief comes from the company he served before Google, Google was founded in 1998 until 2002, there is no business model.

      business model is a concept has been repeatedly mentioned and speculation, from the government official to the primary school teacher, you see entrepreneurs have asked: what is your business model? Sounds like a special expert like, so "business model" has become a magic word, how many working for VC entrepreneurs to scratch his head just to answer the VC on the "Business Model".

      China rely on hot money piled up in the early Internet rapidly, Sohu, NetEase, Sina why investment in favor of not elaborate, but if there is no unexpected "thumb culture" to feed the three portals, later if not unexpected SP profits created their enduring the myth. I think these companies may have already become a historical turn the page, in the most crazy period, even the "business model" is not necessarily the main light, because "China", "billions of people", "Internet" and "early" a few words is enough to meet the VC in the future all the imagination.

      after the end of a round of precipitation time bubble, VC, entrepreneurs have realized that the light with the imagination for a better future "does not necessarily have a good life, at this time," business model "in Chinese landing thick and heavy in colours on the Internet platform concept. In reality, VC was a united front, we pay attention to is the business model, which caused a lot of staring at the VC pocket of entrepreneurial enterprises in order to cater to the preferences of VC, with a lot of space to describe their present and future business model in the business plan, but it is a pity that these the enterprise is not even a stable user, not to mention the loyal users. Another round of madness begins.

      deep impression, remember that last night, and a team of four partners, Chinese online CEO Wang Qiuhu, then smartphone’s general manager Chen Xuetao talked about the success of Baidu, Mr Wang Qiuhu is simply that it is the success of Baidu’s business model, but until today I still insist on my own time point of view. If >

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