Talking about the operation promotion plan of group buying website

founded a group purchase network is a simple matter for the webmaster, and operates a network group purchase quite difficult for the stationmaster that is going to talk about business, choose the right product to do group purchase, promotion to let consumers know my network group purchase exists and stimulate consumers to buy, more important is the webmaster should promptly to the consumer group purchase explanation, and the emphasis on technology for the stationmaster is difficult, and the group purchase network promotion is the most critical, "wine is not afraid of deep alley, as long as you put your network group purchase promotion, businesses will take the initiative to discuss cooperation with you. Consumers will accept group purchase products, I believe that the global network often webmaster webmaster all understood.


search engine marketing, saw an article in A5, now began to do Baidu PPC group purchase website, which advertised for a very powerful group purchase group purchase network, promoting effect is good, the Baidu index "Beijing group purchase website" as an example, every day there are 400 – 500, and for the entrepreneurial group purchase site should be through the search engine optimization brand keywords and core keyword optimization to the ideal position is more practical, after all, a strong regional network group purchase group purchase, the regional network founder more emphasis on offline advertising, and for the more technical webmaster optimization of these keywords is our strength.


Series platform in network marketing, gathered group purchase promotion, marketing for Baidu encyclopedia, is actually very simple, the original Baidu Encyclopedia also when editing to worry about, oh, as long as you are careful editing Baidu encyclopedia is very easy to pass, we put our business model, template, service groups (consumers. The merchant, the founder) are explained, so that businesses and consumers can learn from our full range of Baidu encyclopedia. For the promotion of Baidu know, is also very important, in the Baidu group purchase network tuiguangyuan know there are really potential customers to understand the group purchase information, either we do answer, we let the other group purchase promotion network aware of our existence, let potential customers in a timely manner we know the group purchase information.

QQ group promotion, entrepreneurial network group purchase is defined as a regional site for regional sites using QQ group promotion is a good choice, and how to choose the QQ group is very important, usually interested in group purchase are young group, we combine business location and group purchase products, generally choose to join group purchase business near the office buildings and residential groups to do the corresponding QQ group promotion, nearby residents understand the group purchase business group purchase intention information such as generally positive action, after all, after the consumer group purchase is also convenient, so the effect is good.

Forum promotion, ha ha, this I would like to say to all the webmaster, BBS promotion is very good, but very difficult. Look at the N forum for the promotion of the article, are ideal to teach you how to do the promotion, in fact, if you go to a large popular forum forum send ads to try, basic is to be deleted or moved more directly to the soft soft information delete, oh, so I >

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