China’s leading web elements preview service comprehensive upgrade

leading "element preview" service provider in Beijing science and technology limited company ( recently on the "elements of the page preview service products for a comprehensive upgrade, the new product V2.0 strong release. The new product is added in the content based keyword "electronic map preview", "Book preview" service, and improve the enhanced preview box internal functions, with the help of these new products and services, to carry out service for more Internet website.

currently, provides V2.0 product services are:

page preview

Ø stand outside link Preview: suitable for site navigation, search, links and other types of Web site;

Ø stand link Preview: suitable for in site content rich and other types of Web site;

keyword preview

Ø electronic map preview: suitable for travel, food, real estate, regional culture and other life websites;

Ø book Preview: suitable for book search, book store, book reviews and other sites;

based on the above service form, according to the different types of Web site, you can choose links, icons, direct, non direct and other different preview box display.

products after the upgrade, the preview box functions have been significantly enhanced, increasing the preview channel, channel, channel, promotion tools search channels, and to achieve a preview frame is fixed, zoom and other functions.


" elements of preview "V2.0 products and services is a good partner of all kinds of website, it does not occupy the already small bear", greatly enriched the web space, but also for the website continues to provide more services, it provides a powerful content for the website development space and commercial development.

needs to point out that the "web elements preview" V2.0 product services, not only for the site itself has brought benefits to the root of all the web site, visitors, but also bring innovative experience. In random interviews of Internet users, more than 80% people accept this preview form: "it can realize that the Internet is more convenient, more autonomy to browse the Internet, get more information content is more abundant in the level of Internet space, no longer struggling to open and close the window to worry about a variety of Web pages." – a typical surfer says.

March 11, 2008, "elements of the page preview" V2.0 service officially launched operation, nearly 500 for early already using V1.0 products website, is still giving free maintenance for V1.0 products, and maintain operation.

new website customers can register for free on, use, >

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