Taobao flagship store opened fund Pro line

    [editor’s note] today’s fund industry, if there is no plan to enter the Internet seems unimaginable. Embrace the Internet in this field be in full swing big change in the industry, the Internet giant and fund industry suddenly became Nanshenanfen, the first to eat crab Celestica fund company even eagerly gave a controlling stake in Alibaba, of course "betrothal" is enough to let the old Tian Hong fund investors.

network in the fund industry, is so colorful.

October 31st, Taobao was approved by the Commission, becoming the first Internet fund sales institutions to provide services to carry out the business of third party e-commerce platform.

reporter learned from multiple sources, a push to push the fund company Taobao flagship store will be the first line in November 1st. In November 11th, the first batch of "singles day" fund Taobao flagship store will also carry out an overwhelming campaign.


LaoLa Internet Co meets well the fund company, will produce what kind of chemical reactions of


fund Taobao van

The reporter opens a number of Taobao

flagship store official website, found that the eye is no longer in smart clothes of the fund manager is no longer boring photos, high-end financial concept, but with the promotion of Taobao fan ".

by Peng Hua fund as an example, Taobao open shop is the enthusiasm of the flaming lips, Peng Hua fund focused on the promotion of "financial Peng Hua kiss" and "Peng Hua kiss money". "Kiss Penghua money" refers to the current Penghua money market fund A share is a class balance treasure products.

"Taobao is not in accordance with the size of the fund rankings to designated partners, according to Taobao’s efficiency and demand to become the first, our internal requirement is in the Taobao email us in 5 minutes to reply, in the design of Taobao to sell the fund scene is more than and 100, we also repeatedly made online." Someone who is about to enter the Taobao flagship store fund told reporters.

reporter learned that many fund companies take a different route. Penghua Fund Taobao flagship store also hang out the first QDII Fund – Peng USA real estate fund, called "overseas investment entry equipment" and as shop explosion models, pushing overseas asset allocation. Insiders said that there are many sea Amoy family on Taobao, for overseas information is very concerned, but Peng USA real estate fund or to win a lot of eyeballs.

also has a fund designed specifically for Taobao financial products, such as Cathay Pacific Gold Bond Fund recently released prospectus, the announcement will be officially released in November 1st. Cathay Pacific Internet gold bond fund is made specifically for the Internet fund products, as may be Taobao financial platform first issued fund products, will be the Internet as the main sales channels for sale, 100 yuan from the sale, redemption fee free.


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