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was founded in August 2013, to August this year, Dr. Henry has been established for one year, total sales reached 60 million yuan, about 300000 customer service, sold about 1000000 bottles of products, this is Dr. Henry Guo Sheng with his first 90 team to hand over the transcripts.


Dr. Guo Sheng Heng

"my intention was to get everyone to eat safe health products". This sentence contains two meanings, first, everyone can eat, means that the price is not too high; second, the safety of health care products, currently on the market of consumer health care products keep high vigilance, how to win the trust of consumers, is the most important step.

entrepreneurial success, positioning is the key to identify the location, Guo Sheng and many Internet entrepreneurs began to take the product as the core idea. Dr. Henry was optimized in safety, professional, service, in fact this is Henry after six months of research results, team.

The security of

, Dr. Henry cooperation manufacturers are food safety A-class enterprises through the ISO9001 certification, HACCP certification, the State Food and Drug Administration strictly audit. The doctor has Heng and Holland’s VION group, Rousselot Luo sailo signed, Dr. Heng capsule series products for gelatin are from the world’s largest gelatin enterprise.

professional, Dr. Heng currently has 27 employees, including 13 customer service, the customer service before they start, will participate in the Dietitian (nutritionist) training, a national famous master of health training, get nutritionist qualification to posts.

services, do two things: Dr. Henry humanization, high price. Dr. Henry each package is made up of five layers of hard corrugated paper, each product outside a waterproof PE bag, each package put a small portable PCs, trial instructions, each package costs twice as expensive than their counterparts, /3 more than 2 products of similar products, cheap 1/4 in order to customers; accurate and timely food products, Dr. Henry plans to launch taking reminder, the idea should be to add a lot of brand communication.

in fact, Dr. Henry came out, it was all the media playing "thinking of the Internet product", "millet mode", these words are not bad street, I want to say, today I want to talk about this case by Dr. Henry, traditional health care products brand how to do business.

According to the Boston

consulting (BCG) released the latest report "from vision to action: Denver Chinese consumer health market", leading global consumer health awareness Chinese 2020, the scale of China consumer health market is expected to exceed 400 billion yuan. Some experts boldly predicted that the size of the online market is also more than 120 billion yuan. In the face of such a huge online market, many well-known brands of health line are eager to group

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