Reflections on the nternet entrepreneurship in Hongkong To explore small and beautiful market


years ago, an article Sina, why do not love the Internet entrepreneurs in Hongkong, in my circle of entrepreneurship caused widespread repercussions. The author’s argument can be summed up simply: the market is small, no venture capital, Hongkong people do not understand the mainland, but also do not understand the foreign. Frankly, intuitive, in place, can be described as a phrase. In recent years, the contribution of the Internet in Hongkong, as if to provide only the best choice for overseas listing of Chinese Internet companies outside the Nasdaq, in terms of startup output is not good enough. All the time, even I also believe that the Hongkong Internet entrepreneurs only desirable business tax procedures are simple, friendly, and technology products a rapid iterative number, but recently called a GoGoVan (high vans) experience call trucks using Founder first hand, but people think again, playing time burn melee in the domestic giant O2O, whether Hongkong venture some invisible offbeat advantage began to become the meat and potatoes. Small but there is a lot of market space in the United States, all the end of the team to see whether the implementation of the plan properly.

is the key for big market opportunities

first look at the Hongkong market is too small, the myth.

this is mainly directed against the market capacity of 7 million people from the cap, the inertia of thinking that the potential user base is not enough to support a decent Internet companies. The market simply equate with the population seems to be unique to the Internet industry habitual thinking. In fact, just because the local small compared to the mainland market, the need for pure online business model platform for a large number of users supported by the Hongkong market is too small, but easily assert that market size is not sufficient to support other Internet business model is a bit hasty. At least some of the characteristics of the Hongkong market should have a good potential for O2O, because the expansion of the O2O model itself is very vulnerable to the impact of the cultural impact of the user groups in each region in the mainland. Instead of a smaller population of the country because of buying habits and cultural factors but the formation of a relatively large market. Do not you see, music is often the main overseas markets in Japan than in the United states. Because the Japanese have not been baptized by Napster, most people are still used to buy CD, but Americans have long embraced the iTunes music download consumption patterns and do not want to spend money to buy expensive CD is an example.

and friends around the mainland to chat with friends, we are aware that Hongkong and some of the traditional development of the country’s service industry is still a lot of stagnation in the Web1.0 era. This is because the traditional vested interest group has long channel monopoly, then, the fast pace of life and the city to develop all sorts of people used to do the traditional think little of the pay behavior can be said that everything is waiting for O2Ostartup to break the box to the release of subversion. To ask any one of the domestic students studying in Hongkong, Hongkong, a variety of small and medium-sized service industry is generally a lot of money and the lack of transparency and efficiency. Decoration, freight, printing, design, local shopping guide, etc.

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