With hundreds of brands behind Tmall spread three big net

[editor’s note] in a strategic partnership with hundreds of clothing brands on the press conference, Tmall said it would provide support for the cooperation of large data resources and business cooperation and certainty. On the surface, this is a complementary resources and seek together, brand increment in fact, behind this cooperation is "novelty".

billion state power network has learned, the added to Tmall strategic cooperation brands including Yin man, starry, seven princess, cat underwear and other Internet apparel brands, including Decathlon, camel, air, and other traditional brand romon. In addition, GAP, Lee, Jack Wolfskin and other international big names are also added to the. But for different brands, Tmall will take the form of cooperation will be different.

figure for Tmall dress summit site

the first big network: resource support, as well as the benefits of

external aspects, Alibaba China retail business group president of epilepsy in Tmall dress summit claimed that Tmall’s future to do is a brand new Internet model base.

for this strategic cooperation, Tmall gives a few aspects of the temptation, including the supply and demand data to strategic partners to provide data, as well as deterministic resources and activities schedule.

in addition, and focus on the introduction of the "hidden off plan", through the big data Ali screened potential customers of the brand purchase intention, including the analysis of user browsing, search, purchase behavior, and use the wireless push, want news etc., mining potential customers.

but according to a person in charge of the Amoy brand clothing revealed that in the cooperation agreement, the resources given by Tmall is not just these.


for the Amoy brand, Tmall in the contract commitment search weights will improve strategic partners in the corresponding double eleven, twelve and other activities, which means that in the homogeneous goods search, this service can directly enhance the brand rankings. A person in charge of the brand, the direct impact of this initiative is to improve the brand over 20% of sales.

and for international brands and traditional brands and what tacit cooperation, is still unknown. However, according to some businesses, said Tmall is indeed committed to a number of terms of cooperation in the contract, is only the beginning of the implementation, there is no obvious effect, these commitments to be honored.

figure for Tmall strategic cooperation brand

second: net construction special clearance platform for vip.com

?According to the Alibaba

CEO happy child, another focus of this year is the "Tmall ladies shopping platform to build a platform for business clearance will be fully unified, and the purchase of the operation with Tmall Liren clothing operation.

this means that businesses can at the same time in the new platform and platform for the clearance operation, and this project is facing a strategic partner.

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