The business school from the members through the build full members of marketing management

first to collect a number of mobile phone numbers or micro signal, and then began to push the discount or event information to members. Pro, are you still doing "affiliate marketing"? Do you think to do so is the "mobile Internet"? As the business enterprise, if you understand the "affiliate marketing" just stay at the cognitive level of such words, you pro, or change the industry. For it is not too out for you. In the mobile Internet era, we do the pursuit of membership marketing, should be "customer relationship management", "customer loyalty", and "build enterprise brand".

if the first generation of membership marketing, is to recognize the card does not recognize people, for the management of physical card membership; the second generation is to develop electronic members through the consumer phone number. And now the mobile Internet era, the third generation of affiliate marketing, is called "the full members of marketing management", the possible interaction with the consumer channels, including major platform independent shops, the shop, the number of public physical stores, WeChat unified management and maintenance, activate membership, data analysis, carry out precision marketing members behavior.

data members of the marketing management system is the business enterprise evolution, various channels of membership information, including basic information, consumer behavior information collected in a platform for unified management and analysis, the ultimate goal to achieve precision marketing. However, most of the members of the electricity supplier business management, but did not help the purpose of precise marketing of electricity supplier companies. The reason can not be done, nothing else is a member of a single marketing tool, the operation of the team lack of experience, can not carry out fine operation, etc..


mobile Internet era, the development of mobile Internet technology, not only brings a new historical opportunity for many commercial enterprises, but also the birth of many new members of the marketing platform, such as: Business School from "member" – the mobile Internet era of the most outstanding members of the marketing management system, there is no one.

"member" is based on the background of the mobile Internet era, the use of the latest mobile Internet technology and business model innovation, marketing management system of free small business enterprises tailored, dedicated to all types of small and medium-sized business enterprise to provide the best platform for free marketing and membership system. "Member" is a big data membership system, focus on the whole channel member information coverage, and all channel members accumulate points, redeem, record of membership shopping habits, and membership shopping psychological analysis. Relying on big data to help customers quickly grasp the members of the shopping habits, understanding of the psychology of the members of the shopping, timely targeted marketing strategy.

"member" whether the many members of the marketing management system of talent shows itself in the scuffle? The answer is yes, because the "member" of the whole system is in accordance with the latest members of marketing channel management mode to carry on the design, and in the construction of the system of the latest technology a large number of applications, as well as professional SAAS operation and maintenance team escort, to obtain the final success is to be expected.

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