The electronic commerce is about to launch the third wave of attack

financial crisis broke out now, the streets of Hangzhou, the bank is much more obvious, which shows that SMEs are still short of money to spend." National SME Cooperation and Development Promotion Center in Zhejiang, a responsible person told reporters that these banks mainly provide financial services for smes. In his opinion, these banks have become the row upon row of a scene in West Lake.

appears in the press, this phenomenon for e-commerce industry, it is not a good signal. The overall foreign trade and economic decline led to the decline of export-oriented enterprises such as a badly frightened person. Only the original foreign trade companies engaged in business to domestic sales, they have to open up the domestic market, is willing to achieve through the e-commerce platform.

at the same time, the main domestic enterprises have tasted the bitter cold, also tend to choose low transaction cost channels to do business, has the advantages of low cost of e-commerce will be. Some analysts pointed out that the domestic e-commerce market potential is still great, business treasure and Alibaba, the focus of science and technology and other competitors in the symbiotic coexistence situation.

business since 2008, a series of initiatives to contrarian expansion, also shows that the company’s determination to expand the domestic market. Business chairman Sun Deliang told reporters that the business goal is achieved by the "small companies" to "strong" across the next three years, the investment industry websites and open up new areas is the third wave of electronic commerce to stormed the.

since 2009, business degrees of recruiting, new Fujian, Anhui, Hunan and other provincial branches, forming a nationwide system of marketing network and customer service. Reporters yesterday from the business treasure company to get the latest news, the Hangzhou Municipal Economic Commission officially launched the small and medium-sized enterprise Internet "100 town (street) network" project, the project aims to provide professional services, e-commerce platform construction and township enterprises in Hangzhou city to further expand domestic and foreign markets.


of the real economy changes also led the industry reshuffle. When the global financial crisis, the domestic e-commerce company fell. Internet watchers Yang Xiaoyan believes that only a good cash flow of the company can survive in the winter, after the collapse of small businesses, the spring of their market share will be filled by the strength of the enterprise.

Sun Deliang expressed concern about the trend of this oligopoly competition, he believes that monopoly is not conducive to the development of the industry, the policy should be inclined to small and medium enterprises. Although small and medium enterprises today, the day after tomorrow may not be small, their innovation ability is more flexible. For the leader, there are people to spare no effort to catch up bigger, as in the past to run fast."


speak up from theory, the Matthew effect of e-commerce market will provide more possibilities for the mergers and acquisitions and business incubator small Sheng ". Small and medium enterprises in the field of real economy due to the limited budget, may be placed from the previous multi platform to change in a relatively large, the effect of a good platform for the launch. At the same time, some

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