Taobao want the active marketing tactics method

want meaning: want to chat is an important bridge between Taobao stores and consumers, directly determines the store image, internal marketing style and service quality. An active online customer service, not only can set up shop brand, but also can improve the manufacturing volume, to store value, thus, it is self-evident importance Wangwang communication skills.

crystal Xuan manager summed up a set of Wangwang active marketing method in daily sales, starting from the customer’s point of view to psychological, and we exchange learning, some sellers can be combined with their own characteristics, organized into the shop "customer service specification", used to store the unified service image, improve the turnover rate, the effect is very obviously.

, a positioning of the online customer service

not want service automatic answering machine, you ask me not to answer, not only do manual labor people left behind. What is the shop’s trump weapon, is the brains of the flexible seller, namely: sales. Want service need to consider is how to let the customer turnover, so customer service must have aggressive marketing thinking. Gold sales are hard to find, gold want more sales is hard to find. Customer service tenet: enthusiastic, answer, timely induction, didn’t ask answer, to facilitate transactions.

two, some undesirable want service attitude:

1, indifferent, love to buy, no sales awareness, reply the customer asked words not much, not cold warm and

2, do not speak marketing means, with the feelings of sales, not to talk about selling, very impatient

3, the recovery rate is very slow, you want to buy more will be

4, no confidence in the product, do not promise, can not give consumers confidence if the above accounted for more than 2 kinds, then the customer service will be more learning and improvement.

three, active marketing example analysis

to the manager, the simulation of a proactive marketing transaction example, according to their own customer service experience is long, I believe we have encountered a similar situation, please carefully analysis with the transposition of thinking mode, to make reading easier, I chats is divided into different segments: black box [please see that is not always like this dialogue, but remember to keep up with the thinking mode of]


[slow, not necessarily is the case, please tell me what ism, reasonable brick]


hi/ in? Customer: Hello, Welcome crystal Xuan appliances franchise stores, what can you do to help? Crystal Xuan appliances franchise stores is Taobao mall stores, all commodity shipping, fake a lose ten. [warm greeting, introduce shop brand]

customers then reply, the state may have several: 1, may be found to other shops that may be 2, and the people around to discuss products and stores, as customer service to you, don’t give up, don’t wait to


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