As in the countryside whitewashing launched a electric shelves revolution in the countryside

Abstract: virtual shelves, the founder of Sun Wei believes that the first step to do electricity providers in rural areas is to let the villagers not only know the electricity supplier, but also have experience. Amoy affordable attempt may be a feasible way for electricity providers into the countryside.

note: rural economy is a big market can not be ignored, titanium media and commercial value has not stopped the attention of rural electricity supplier. Reporter Yuan Chang "from the end of the rural electricity supplier: who, who sell in the delivery, who buy?", we see the online shopping crowd, courier line from the village ecological living conditions, and how the domestic electricity supplier company sink in the rural market case. So, the following report is trying to interpret another idea of rural electricity providers: the virtual shelves into the village door, to see how this entrepreneur from Shenzhen to explore rural electricity supplier:


in May 21st, is a large set of Zhuang village in three Hebei town of Qian’an day, early in the morning, a car body is printed on the flow of people to experience the electric car "big van to the village, I saw this car the car from the side open, into a" roof "air support," the house "with an electronic display screen two about the height of a block is embedded in the" wall ", this is the flow of electricity supplier on the car virtual shelves, two virtual shelves adjacent, there are some simple commodity display, they are old, 100 birds gazelle skin care products, mobile phone, mosquito lamp ball, children’s stories, large volume video player……

soon, the villagers have come up in the car for two row team, 61 year old Cai Xiaoyan was also in the queue, she had always wanted to go to town to buy a mobile phone, but not enough time, "I heard this car, I will come." When Aunt Cai came to the "virtual shelves", a young man through the touch screen to show several mobile phone, as she was next to the entity at the same time, remove the shelves with the mobile phone to show Cai aunt, aunt Cai chose a trial after a while, he decided to buy that guy to help her in the selection of virtual shelves in the shopping car, because the car is equipped with a stock, Cai aunt paid 69 yuan of money, take the mobile phone on the spot.

virtual shelves is a place rich touch-screen shopping website, there are many merchandise category pages, including the villagers love fertilizer, because just after the farming season, in May 21st a large set of the day, it has been temporarily "cold", but come from the Zhang Ying Village people Zhang Yunbo point take a look, he would like to know whether the price, "the same brand of fertilizer market, 178 yuan a bag, the virtual shelf price 135 yuan". For Zhang Yunbo, this is a fresh shopping scene, here you can order, go to set around something else, then go home and wait for the logistics delivery.

car staff said that at the beginning of the May electric car just flows the countryside, more and more people queuing, they will be more service personnel, to understand the intention of the purchase of goods one by one, recorded address, this can reduce the waiting time.

mobile electricity supplier behind the car

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