Gao Xudong LinkTalk vulnerability patch and a new version has been released

Hello, I am Gao Xudong, also is the LinkTalk vulnerability for a period of time before the discovery, I tell you very happy here today, after the author to modify the corresponding patch vulnerabilities has been released by the author, LinkTalk is now safe please download the latest version of the official patches and


since August 11th, the first report of LinkTalk open-source network vulnerabilities 8 days up to now, through the efforts of all parties, can finally come to an end, in this process, whether I am the author or special reports on open source plug-in network) have a certain pressure, when people see their webmaster webmaster is free the use of course, feeling threatened, open-source network in order to attract the attention of the people better, eliminate hidden dangers, do the relevant reports, I see after reports in order not to let the people have an ulterior motive in a short time to investigate vulnerabilities and harm in everyone, and so open-source network together to let everyone know to be vigilant unable to contact the author, so only so, hope to get the official attention, and the author also due to the body in the hospital unable to respond to this event, the With all things not who is right, everyone is in accordance with reasonable according to the instinct to do things, and not everyone would like to ‘hype’ "competitor" for those in the forum vexatious, I will not offend by rude remarks, regardless of, please forgive!

I was on the evening of 16 will be released in my vulnerability, ready to release even the video has been uploaded to Sina when I received the letter I sent to the author in the discuz forum, said in a letter he will be discharged immediately, the patch will be immediately issued, hope I have is the discovery of vulnerabilities can in as a disseminator of vulnerability, I was particularly difficult, I deleted the video, and a good thought, although I have not come out to the author or someone to come forward to explain not satisfied, but he also said that the reason that is going to the hospital, I think it should be a patch come out, so I chose silence choice at all, no "dishonesty" according to the date of interview commitments will be announced but the right to exploit the author, and notify the open-source website long exploratory, I want to be scolded a few days after this decision! I have hope that the author will respond as soon as possible in the official on Monday night, I met the author online at the official LinkTalk, and he had a more in-depth exchanges, we have more mutual understanding each other, and add friends, see the author in the chat say my heart stone finally fall, finally can sleep, I think as long as the author appears, should develop toward a better direction


in the morning, the author do patch invited me to do a safety test, after all my efforts finally no link to the server, can see the interface but not out of data, that is no longer use member, so I once again tested my LinkTalk plus patch is safe. Please.

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