Online music industry revenues increased significantly enhance market confidence

with the increasing scale of China’s Internet users and mobile communications users, in recent years, China’s online music industry in the overall market adjustment to achieve steady development. According to the Ministry of culture recently released "2011 China online music market annual report" hereinafter referred to as the "report" shows that in 2011 the number of online music business in China has reached 452, an increase of 28.7%, the size of the network music overall market has reached 2 billion 780 million yuan, an increase of 20.8%, significantly enhance the confidence of the market.

"report" also caused the industry to the domestic online music market again attention. The industry generally believe that in the supervision of the government under the guidance of Chinese online music market is maturing, the market is down, industry self-regulation, strengthen copyright cooperation gradually standardized, the original content increased, a variety of techniques to further explore the development of fusion, and the healthy development of network music will also be the development of the domestic music industry to further promote effect.

industry revenue increase, market confidence improved significantly

"report" pointed out that nowadays with small shrimp nets, Nokia, DouBan FM as the representative of the emerging professional music website and cool, cool dog music as the representative of the client, through the application of integration, technological innovation and personalized service, greatly enhance the user experience of online music experience, the user scale increases further, the market to further improve the environment. According to statistics, in 2011, China’s online music users nearly 1 billion 100 million people, of which, the number of online music users is 380 million, the number of wireless music users is 700 million.

users also greatly enhance the scale of the promotion of online music service providers to enhance the value of advertising. In 2011, the domestic online music service provider revenue situation tend to improve, according to statistics, in 2011 China’s overall online music market reached 2 billion 780 million yuan in the online music service provider, content provider of total revenue, an increase of 20.8% compared to 2010. Among them, the online music market revenue size of 380 million yuan, an increase of more than 2010 of, the size of the wireless music market reached $2 billion 400 million in total revenue to content providers, an increase of 18.8% compared to 2010.

"report" that the momentum of development in 2011 China’s online music market as a whole is good, while continuing to maintain a strong position in the wireless music field of telecom operators, but in the App Store mobile application store network driven by the new birth of a number of high-quality wireless music service providers such as meters music, everyday sounds. Still get a good development, fusion of music and micro-blog, online show, online games, mobile Internet and other network applications will further strengthen.

industry standards need to be established, effective dialogue is very important

, however, the development trend of China’s online music market overall positive, some problems are solved. The "report" pointed out that the online music market in 2011, in addition to piracy and infringement two ills, industry.

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