28 year old guy do Losangeles Yami network let the Chinese American buy old godmother


technology Zheng Jun from the bottom of the U.S. Silicon Valley

I want to do the largest Chinese American household appliances electricity supplier website, 28 year old Dalian guy said.

a few years ago at the Kansas State University to study abroad, travel a bit frustrated to find that in the United States to maintain domestic diet and life, is so inconvenient. In the states of Central America, not only did the Chinese supermarket buy domestic ingredients, even Chinese restaurants are a little less authentic. In those years, I often miss my hometown of Dalian.

then, after the completion of the Kansas City school, traveled all the way west to California Losangeles. It is the most densely populated area in the United States and the most convenient place for the Chinese to live in the United states. Living in Losangeles, as long as you’re not too picky, you can find the main cuisine in the restaurant, buy a variety of supermarket food and commodities Chinese China.

finally thought of a better life for traveling, Chinese to live in the United States living habits, it only lived in New York, Losangeles or San Francisco areas such intensive Chinese? What about the central states and small Chinese city? Why not create a monopoly of Asian food business sites to meet their needs for


this is he founded Yami network for the first time in mind, entrepreneurship is around. Industrial engineering has never been a professional background of the electricity supplier, not very proficient in Web programming. In order to set up this website, travel in Losangeles for more than six months.

founder electricity supplier website is the most important source. If you want to sell Chinese and Asian food, you must go to a regular importer. But travel soon discovered that he found these suppliers not pay any attention to their own.

, "I called to say that I was going to purchase. They asked, ‘how big is your supermarket?’ I said, ‘no, I’m going to sell on the Internet."." Because the United States does not have a successful precedent for a large class of electricity providers in Asia, these suppliers to travel around with a completely not convinced attitude. He can only find a home, with practical action and funds to prove their procurement sincerity.

has an advantage in Losangeles venture business website, the West Coast main suppliers are concentrated in the east near the industrial city of Losangeles, in order to save time and energy procurement, travel and other business sites as offices and warehouses located in the industrial city.

March 2013, the tour finally officially launched the business network of. The start site only more than and 400 SKU (inventory unit), variety of Asian food commodities only, not traveling around looking at the home appliance business every day can send more than and 100 packets, the envy of what time you can have such a big sales. But in fact, the growth of web traffic is surprised him.

Yami network now has more than 4 thousand SKU, commodity >

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