These 10 small features in iOS 9 can make iPhone better use

apple in the early morning to Chinese users push the official version of iOS 9. However, interested readers may have previously used or seen in iOS 9 which have relatively large update, so we’ll see iOS 9 less obvious hidden functions, and these functions could be as useful.

1 set search


users can open the settings can be seen above the screen there is a search box, where you can search the settings of the sub entries. After all, this function contains too many sub options, if the memory is not particularly good, then forget to find the function in the end which option is also a normal thing.

2 keyboard as a touchpad – only support iPad


in order to allow users to easily move the cursor on the iPad, running iOS 9 iPad will be able to use the keyboard as a touchpad. Simply put, you can move the cursor on the iPad keyboard with two fingers on the keyboard.

3 low power mode


in order to increase the endurance, apple iOS 9 in addition to the low power mode, turn on this feature, you do not have to go out with charging treasure. To enable this feature is also very simple, as long as the user to enter the "Settings – battery" option, and then open the low power mode can be. This time, the iPhone battery icon will turn yellow, the screen brightness will be reduced.

4 more intelligent photo classification


do not know if you have found that, in iOS 9, the system automatically created more albums, and users can not delete their own. If the system detects that you have a self timer or a screen shot, it will automatically generate the corresponding album, and then the corresponding image is classified into it.

5 better switching function between applications


if you are brushing Instagram, then suddenly came a WeChat message. In previous words, you generally need to use the Home key to complete the process from WeChat to return to Instagram, but now you can use the iOS status bar to return an application directly to the button to return. This switch is much smoother than before.

6 in the Safari website to visit the desktop version of


in the use of mobile version of the Safari, many web sites will automatically >

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