Taobao fund outlets cited controversy direct sales to take a shot


Zhang Changchun / drawing

most fund companies optimistic about electricity providers and funds direct cross-border cooperation, fund companies also have a wait-and-see attitude, there are three reasons: one is the mode of the current controversy, regulators release when the gate is hard to judge; secondly, with the degree of the decision of the bank Taobao fund outlets success, considering the formation of conflicts of interest to the bank, the risk is not small; third, if a strong Alipay and Taobao are suspected of misleading investors in some sectors, then the legal responsibility to.

Securities Times reporter Li Tiantian

since May this year, Alipay acquired funds third party payment agencies qualification, in looking forward to all parties, go to Taobao to sell the fund seems to be a matter of the shop". However, in the Alipay pushing several fund companies, a positive response and discuss regulatory layer went to the scene investigation, "Taobao foundation Zhiyingdian" suddenly "slow down" – why? The biggest controversy where? What are the stakeholders of mind? "Exploitation" by channel from the fund companies, electricity providers involved in can make direct funds become blue ocean? Therefore, the Securities Times reporter conducted a survey.

biggest controversy

, as far as I know, go to Taobao shop to sell the fund this thing, but instead of a sudden ‘slow’ down." Industry veteran said.

it is understood that the so-called "slow" before Alipay’s frequent moves relative to the. In May 11th this year, Alipay officially acquired the third party fund paid a license issued by the Commission; 4 days later, Alipay in its online direct sales channel into Bo; Alipay also said the high-profile, not only reached the 30 fund companies and paid access to cooperation intention, Eastern wealth network, good buy fund and three party fund sales institutions have increased cooperation with Alipay’s efforts, this year is expected to access Alipay’s fund number will reach 50, covering nearly 70% domestic fund companies; in July, accompanied by Taobao financial channel line, Bank of communications Taobao flagship store has fund products, although temporarily can not be traded, but it makes the concept of "fund company Taobao shop" touted again; then, regulators led Bo, GF, Wells Fargo, Hui Tianfu, Cathay Pacific, Celestica 6 fund companies went to Hangzhou, now Field research of Taobao and Alipay headquarters, "the fastest in the three quarter shop" is rampant.

now is not convenient to say what we should do, fast and slow is not our own control, when the fund company to open stores in Taobao, which depends on the consideration of regulators." Alibaba official said privately, simply as a payment channel, Alipay has more than a single and fund companies. However, Alipay is not here, but wants to use his own Taobao "bundling" natural advantage and Taobao holding customer resources, expand the "Taobao foundation Zhiyingdian" mode, so that the fund company stationed.

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