Daily topic Renren to respond to rumors of your youth continued flash we will not stop

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network February 3rd news, recently announced that it will all renren.com offline letter function, information can be downloaded through a key function in the past, day after going through public number instead of the letter to send a message.

renren.com was founded in December 2005, is from Tsinghua University and the Tianjin University, Wang Xing, Wang Huiwen, Lai Binqiang and Tang Yang and several college students. In October 2006 by the acquisition of oak interactive group. At the end of the year, thousands of oak company’s 5Q campus network and campus network merger completed. In August 4, 2009, renamed the school network renren.com.

nostalgia boom news has attracted many users of renren.com, even sparked all kinds of speculation and interpretation, was misrepresented as renren.com is closing, micro-blog and WeChat are widespread in the platform. This company announced that the company will be the recent use of WeChat’s public platform to publish and spread rumors of all the people to prosecute.

all the company said in the announcement, recently, bazaar entertainment, North America daily and a number of personal or business operations of the public accounts through the WeChat platform, to "close the letter" renren.com system as the background, in disregard of the facts, not to contact and verify the situation with our company, the unauthorized release of everyone "the net closing related rumors, and renren.com blue tone LOGO pollution altered into black and white color, widely spread in the network of. This approach has seriously damaged the reputation of everyone and its social networking site Renren, and bring huge losses.

Chen Yizhou said in an open letter, the letter is a part of everyone’s youth and history, our mission is to help them record, permanent preservation. "30 years later, when our customers are old, I hope you can find the memories of youth." Over the past 9 years, we have never stopped exploring the product.   only in the past year, Android and iOS platform we launched dozens of versions, and some versions of the change is very large.   although some products and features, not every user can be satisfied.   but there is one point, no one can deny that we have been for the needs of users and toss, and toss very firm.

today, in the face of the past 9 years has been to support our customers, we are here solemn commitment: as long as you continue to flash youth, our struggle will not stop!

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