Web site features long flash crowded flowers

      first say this "long"

      Chinese’s web page is really long ah, that I sit in front of the computer when browsing often think of the most low-end of this page will have to pull my foot. The the Great Wall is the first of several major miracle? Anyway, Chinese site should be squeezed behind her.

      our big portal should be the leader of the long page. It can survive all the strength of his large portal, and other sites have been listed, and they should also be able to illustrate the strength of similar pages similar to it, it has several large portal to users formed a "long is good" impression, so many sites have "long". It is a comprehensive website or professional website, as long as there is no content, content can be done as long as do long, copy others content should also do long, so a lot of the limited strength of the site is home to the long column page (two pages) on the poor poor.

      long is based on the content to be many, many of these long web site in the organization of the content of the idea is basically the same, that is, the content of the two page summary on the home page. Large page is divided into several corresponding banner (to one by one part of the download page, easy to display), and in each of the two blocks between an ad, eventually adding a more comprehensive area at the top of the page, the priority among priorities, since this page to short short.

      according to the Jakob Nielsen argument: the site should not exceed the length of the home page 4 screen. Of course, this criterion may not be so accurate, but at least it should be recognized that the page is not the longer the better.

      second, talk about "flash"

      on the web is something that can animate. Mainly Gif animation, flash animation, script language to achieve the effect of the picture, there is a pop-up window. Animation should be a good complement to the performance of the web page, but the actual effect is the interference of the web page, because the animation from the beginning to play the role of advertising. Although it is common to use a variety of forms of animation on a web site, there are too many animations on the Chinese Web site. I am afraid it is because the Chinese Web page long it can put the animation space naturally big. The whole page is flashing all over the place. Scientists have confirmed that the moon is not to see the the Great Wall, but I think we should be able to see China ", they not only long, but also kept flashing.

      these animations are usually advertisements, websites >

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