Music as the storm after the financial battle music network will lead more than 10 billion strategic

LETV is proof of funds with the prospect of the source.

LETV December 28th announcement that, as of now, LETV combined with Jia Yueting, as the holding (Beijing) Limited has signed a "strategic cooperation framework agreement with strategic investors, strategic investors to pay a certain amount of Chengyijin, fully demonstrates that for this cooperation sincerity. The major issues involved in the transaction size is expected to more than 10 billion yuan.


announcement also said that this major matters is expected to involve more than one strategic investor, the investment involved in large scale, involving multiple subjects, the trade structure still has many specific issues need to be negotiated by the parties. Even so, it is no doubt that the announcement of the music as soon as the sound of the painting under the Dayton point, officially declared to find the money".

reference to the 2016 semi annual data LETV LETV, the introduction of the war vote of 10 billion yuan LETV is the first half of the revenue, such a big investment, more mysterious side of the war vote. According to the first financial news shows, informed sources said that the war may be concerned with the music network investment risk.


music as the storm after the financial battle

in fact, LETV as early as December 7, 2016 suspension, announced the abnormal fluctuations in stock trading and related media reports to verify, while planning major issues, is expected to involve the integration of industrial resources.

December 15th, LETV announcement that the fundamentals of the company did not change, while confirming that is planning to increase the adoption and other ways to introduce strategic investors.

music as the reason for these actions, due to a recent public opinion storm.

November 2016, Jia Yueting issued an internal letter referred to the music as the capital chain tension. Subsequently, including LETV, the music as ecology has aroused widespread concern, "Jia Yueting pledged stock risk, as the capital chain tension", "employee turnover queuing" reports in the media. Affected by this, LETV shares also fell more than a month’s time of about 20%.

days ago, the media reported, "such as music as sports can not be delivered on schedule Premier League 2016-2017 copyright $30 million retainage, the Premier League will be cut off signal of music as sports" in December 26th, although the event ended with "few" retainage temporarily defuse the crisis.

music as sports independent LETV, but the storm also owe, is regarded as the epitome of music as ecology of this round of arrears storm.

for the capital chain problem, in a recent speech, LETV holdings founder Jia Yueting announced that, within a month, LETV’s company as the completion of a large-scale round of new financing, then LETV financial difficulties "will be solved to some extent".

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