Perspective shop real name system of the three major focus whether to open the business registration

State Administration for Industry and Commerce recently issued the "Interim Measures" of the network behavior of commodity trading and related services management, from July 1st onwards, the natural person engaged in the trading of commodities and services through the network, to provide trading platform for network operators to submit the name and address of the real identity.

shop real name system caused widespread concern. Reporters found that the public focus on three issues: the implementation of "real name system" means in the future to open shop business registration? Whether to pay the taxes "open"? Whether can take control of online transaction specification? Calling on all parties concerned, in order to maintain the online business and consumer interests, the "real name system" for the implementation of the shop rules and regulations.

real name system, whether to open the shop to business registration?

since 2008, Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau issued the "shop the new regulations, the main requirements of the use of the Internet to engage in business activities shall obtain the business license in accordance with the law, whether to open shop business registration, business registration of e-commerce (electronic business channel)" is to promote, or kill "the controversy has not stopped.

although the Interim Measures issued by the State Administration for Industry and commerce not to the attention of the society for industrial and commercial registration shop "is to put forward the principle," with registration requirements, apply for business registration in accordance with the law". But the shop must be registered as a concern.

reporter from, "Baidu has ah" retail network leading enterprises to understand, they have already achieved the "real name system" requirements, shop operators to submit personal identity information in the application store, so the "real name system" of the online retail industry will not be too big.

boots before landing, is the most panic when." Taobao spokesman told reporters, exactly how to calculate the registration conditions, what kind of shop needs to do business license, we hope to have a clear statement as soon as possible."

shop operators Hu Bin said: "the industrial and commercial registration related to access problems, but also related to the increase in the cost, although not generalize the new regulations the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued, but we still care about this one will be how to perform."

China e-commerce research center analyst Fang Yingzhi said: the requirements of the shop for industrial and commercial registration, can not simply copy the standard entity management. First of all, a part of the store is sold only personal idle items, not for profit purposes. Secondly, the operating entity registration must have a fixed place of business, but the network operators tend to rely on only one computer, network business is relatively low starting point, whether to set up and operating entities need to access threshold is worth discussing."

The Publicity Department of Beijing city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau director Wang Xiaojing told reporters, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the "Interim Measures", has asked the country to formulate the detailed rules for the implementation of Beijing City, the latest introduction of the end of the month Industrial and Commercial Bureau. Wang Xiaojing said: we have been accepting the registration of industrial and commercial registration application

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