MT want to ban the network telephone experts to maintain the monopoly of telecommunications compan

in mid December, the Ministry announced the launch of the fight against illegal Internet protocol phone, according to the Ministry of telecommunications in addition to the definition of the pilot, China Unicom, all existing Internet phone market is illegal. A few days ago, Skype suddenly paralyzed in a large area in China, causing users to panic and speculation. Despite the official Department explained that the server downtime fault, but the industry know that a storm is about to begin a large-scale renovation. For the keen overseas to talk on the phone users, this "cheap lunch" will be less and less.

– atmosphere

network phone repeatedly blocked

defined by the Ministry of industry, in addition to telecommunications, China Unicom, the two operators in the pilot of the country’s 4 cities, all existing Internet phone market is illegal, very absurd." Senior communications industry Kan Kaili said.

reporter saw on the website of the Ministry, a notice on the "illegal" Internet phone has been posted. Notice that the Ministry is working with relevant departments to carry out the fight against illegal Internet protocol phone (VOIP phone) related work, and for the public to collect illegal VOIP case clues.

for Internet telephony, many overseas phone user habits are not unfamiliar. It is also known as the "VOIP phone", the user can directly through the Internet to dial fixed telephone and mobile phone, enjoy domestic and international long-distance, "computer – telephone service, has the advantages of low cost and convenient access, high anonymity, confidentiality and strong compared to the fixed telephone.

in fact, as early as last October, a "UUCall blocked" event will raise a Babel of criticism of the industry. Has always been the first brand of domestic telephone network called UUCall was due to "illegal operation network telephone was ordered to stop taking the rectification, including prepaid users, 30 million registered users affected.

last week, the world’s largest number of users of Internet telephony service provider Skype large area failure. Shanghai, Guangdong, Anhui, Shaanxi and other places are reflected in the customer can not log in to use Skype. Although the official later explained that Skype is the result of "super node" fault of global downtime, currently gradually returned to normal, but many users still fear.

– the user does not want

high cost "seckill" long-distance fixed line


Internet phone repeatedly suppressed in the country, but the number of users continue to blow up the people said the hot. Incomplete statistics show that in 2009 the number of domestic Internet phone users reached 18 million, while the international network phone giant Skype users in China has exceeded the United states. In the user view, Internet phone low rates of high cost is the biggest advantage of the traditional fixed seckill ".

how much can you make a network phone to Skype, for example, a Skype international card for different call destination

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