WeChat public brush amount of offensive and defensive war broke out

"sorry, software maintenance, suspended for sale." July 29th, the Beijing News reporter asked about the sale of WeChat public numbers to promote the Taobao seller, WeChat brush on how to read the charges, get the above reply. Beijing News reporter then asked the 5, the 6 sellers, reply mostly can not brush".

July 30th, the Beijing News reporter once again looking for a few of the Taobao store, the page has shown that I’m sorry, you do not look at the baby does not exist, may have been transferred to the shelf or." To WeChat brush reading volume as the keyword search, pop-up is: according to the relevant laws and regulations and policies, can not show WeChat brush reading amount of related baby.

recently, WeChat public platform to add articles to read the number and point like feature, soon spawned a brush in Taobao’s prosperity. Tencent the "victim" followed, according to Taobao owner to reflect that, since July 29th, the whole network of WeChat to read several brushes paralyzed. Key words and related shops are further screened by Taobao. However, many sellers will not give up obviously with extreme ease of interest, "cat and mouse" game will be repeated.

WeChat anti brush, Taobao store

today (July 29th) began, a brush can not go up, just tried, brush after reading the amount does not change." A Taobao seller said, Tencent in the anti brush, the whole network is the case, we are in the technology to capture." He told the Beijing News reporter, said a few days can come again, there are policies, there are countermeasures."

many sellers said, but also do not understand the anti Tencent mechanism, but the port has been disconnected. "If an article, suddenly the flow is too large, Tencent will shield the port." There are sellers, such as speculation.

recently entered the test phase of the public account and the number of times to show the number of points like function, instantly became a good marketing WeChat". In Taobao to WeChat brush reading volume as the keyword search, jumped out of the hundreds of sellers. On the price point of view, a hundred articles read from 8 yuan, ranging from $15 to $10.

, however, has not wait to brush the amount of reading business really formed climate, will usher in a heavy blow to the Tencent. July 29th, the whole network of Tencent anti brush action, Taobao has not been able to successfully brush the amount of reading on the seller. July 30th, the Beijing News reporter found that WeChat brush reading volume and other key words have been screened Taobao, unable to search any seller, had contacted the Taobao store has also been under the shelf.

the evening of July 29th, WeChat public platform to release the recent measures to combat irregularities plan "said recently received a report section of the public accounts and the emergence of false hits in praise of such violations, we attach great importance to this case."

Tencent has said that the behavior of the brush to brush the amount of bad behavior, WeChat team has developed strict precautions and punishment mechanisms. The "brush" who once verified, will be strictly punished, do not rule out the WeChat background to take title measures. >

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