Panda incense the author of the trial to open online casino profit over 8 million

[introduction] Zhang Shun and Li Jun through the "gold card" network game platform illegal profits more than 800 yuan rmb.

"panda virus author Li Jun (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) December 20th news, has been due to the manufacture and dissemination of panda burning incense virus and cause social concern Zhang Shun and Li Jun re trial. 19, Zhejiang City, Liandu District People’s Court of first instance held a public hearing by the Liandu procuratorate Zhang Shun, Li Jun and other defendants opened the case of the case of the defendant, the 26. Currently, the case is still under trial.

The prosecutor accused

, the second half of 2009 "Panda", author Li Jun Zhang Shun was introduced, the defendant Xu, three people agreed to invest to set up Zhejiang tensan network science and technology limited company, Fu Jianbin and other 3 people have equity investment to the company.

operation after a period of time, by the shareholders of the company to negotiate, to determine their own business in the chess game platform, attract new shareholders after the incorporation of Zhejiang popular network technology Limited (registered capital of 10 million 10 thousand yuan; the shareholders in cash or technology shares, and according to their respective investment proportion of shares, of which Fu Jianbin is the largest shareholder), and to establish a management plan to profit through the opening gold chess game gambling platform, development of business, the use of silver silver business sales recovery game beans.

gold game platform and set the "cow", "stud", "two" and other games, to win the game for the bean game player to participate in gambling, game beans one hand by gold platform direct recharge, on the other hand, the active development of silver business, by taking place after the purchase of silver from the game player again to the gold gambling gaming platform, game company profit by selling beans.

public prosecution also pointed out that Zhang Shun and Li Jun through the "gold card" network game platform gathered gambling staff of more than 2200 people, involving gambling more than 7600 yuan RMB, the illegal profits of more than 800 yuan rmb.

it is understood that the defendant Zhang Shun, Zhejiang clouds and people, 30 years old, junior high school culture. Defendant Li Jun, Hubei Wuhan, 32 years old, high school culture. Two people as a panda burning incense computer virus producer was one of the people’s Court of Hubei province in September 29, 2007 in order to destroy the computer information system crime were sentenced to two years and four years.

The 24 year old

Li Jun first time in prison, he was 28 years old, more than 3 years in prison for the loss of valuable time Li Junyou too much lamented, an important intersection is also facing life: because of ignorance and the past cannot bear to think of the past three years chained and thrown into prison. After getting out of jail, Li Jun is desperate for a job to support and prove himself, and to comfort his parents and family members who are worried about him.

unfortunately, Li Jun once again. 09 years ago Li Jun was released from prison in December, not more than 4 years, according to the law, recidivism should be sentenced to 5 years imprisonment or more severe punishment of the criminals crime belongs to general recidivism.

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