A5 webmaster network settled Sohu news client welcome to subscribe

webmaster network (www.admin5.com) June 6th news, currently the largest home information portal A5 webmaster network has successfully settled Sohu news client. Webmaster friends only download the Sohu news client needs, search the A5 webmaster add attention to read fresh news.

real time update, the first time released the latest Internet webmaster related information, pictures and timing push. Let the mobile phone users to understand new things.

Sohu’s mobile Sohu news client users of Internet products has exceeded one hundred million, becoming the first domestic users billions of dollars of news client. As of April 2013, Sohu news client full media platform to cooperate with the media more than and 550, the total subscription exceeded 450 million. The A5 webmaster successfully settled in search of news client, will further open up the mobile information platform, so that more of the owners and entrepreneurs to carry on the Internet, read the latest information on the Internet webmaster, business stories, learning massive station, operation and promotion of knowledge. Webmaster fully embrace the mobile Internet from the beginning of A5.

want to know the dynamic A5 anytime, anywhere, to understand the webmaster information, welcome webmaster friends concerned about A5 webmaster nets!

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