The second annual meeting of the Jiangsu nternet held in Nanjing in December 5th

news December 5th, the second session of the Jiangsu conference and the Jiangsu Internet Internet entrepreneurs forum held in the academic exchange center of Nanjing University of Science and Technology on December 5, 2010, the meeting hosted by the Jiangsu provincial internet club, odaw Chinese, China data, Admin5 station network, with a total of more than and 200 from Jiangsu local enterprises and more than 800 Internet practitioners came to the scene that we share in the Internet industry experience, explore the new trend of the future development of the Internet, e-commerce, mobile internet marketing, micro-blog.

the conference theme of "resource integration and win-win development", the Internet _ from Baidu Entrepreneurs Club senior manager Ma Guolin, deputy general manager of Yanhuang network Guan Peng, money online founder Tian Mountain, enterprises win general manager Zhang He, excellent network bean technology general manager Dou Mingliang, general manager of Thailand boring Lu Qiaolin, ylmf’s website 915 mobile phone network operations director Guo Jijun, founder of CMSTOP, Chenyun network star Wang general manager Zhong Shenghui and other guests brought different segments to share the experience of micro-blog and Sina, the Sohu micro-blog was Cheng Weibo live on the conference.

is an important part of the Yangtze River Delta, Jiangsu Internet industry is not backward, here is the well-known Xicihutong, Hua Jun software, 365 real estate Home Furnishing net, stationmaster net domestic portal, and Changzhou long lane music Thailand boring leader of Kunshan hotline local industry website, there are many from Jiangsu out of the biggest names in the internet. Jiangsu Internet practitioners also hopes to find a new breakthrough in the industry, by the Jiangsu internet club, Yan Huang network, TenPay online, slow Internet Conference joint efforts initiated is such a common exchange learning platform.

in the keynote session, money online, Baidu founder Tian Keshan Entrepreneurs Club Manager Ma Guolin, senior product director caifutong Venus respectively individual grassroots Entrepreneurs Club how to start, how to make business easier, caifutong platform open secret topic in a keynote speech.

money online founder Tian Keshan in his speech pointed out that the following 5 Internet business projects worth trying: 1 website life, localization (such as tourism, marriage, decoration, mother, car website); 2 business simple, short industrial chain high price) net station; 3 vertical specialization; 4 e-commerce, mobile phone Internet sites; 5 small reference (enterprise marketing marketing, enterprises need personal entertainment): Amoy awards, such as billing, he also stressed that as an entrepreneur has to adhere to the passion and hard spirit can be successful.

Then the

Roundtable, from Yanhuang network technology manager Guan Peng, 80s, micro-blog promotion micro-blog promotion Master Master 8090 quotations, excellent beans technology general manager Dou Mingliang, 915 mobile phone network operations director Guo Jijun discussed on micro-blog and micro-blog marketing profit, it is agreed that micro-blog big for the future development of space, we must hold on

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