Nine wins alliance black box operation beautiful show station torture integrity


It is without rhyme or reason. votes, refused to award nine wins alliance in practice promise and then deny in succession, "beautiful show station" activities caused many of the activities of the organization of the party in the face of discontent, "the final interpretation", personal webmaster how to


in the 08 year women’s Day is approaching, has always been known as the "integrity-based customer first" 9 win advertising alliance, held a "show" station "female personal website voting (contestant No. 9). A network name for luyao_angel Miss Lu to their own interest in the establishment of the personal website, "small novel network (" signed up to participate in activities. Because Miss Lu is working in an IDC company customer service department, therefore also met a lot of personal webmaster, canvassing activities began, luyao_angel votes remain at first. We see one of the "fans" from the "Wudang leisure villa" forum, the site administrator issued a canvassing for luyao_angel post and the top, and has been published in the votes.

it is understood that in the vote between the organizers, nine times to win the league by cheating, empty lots of voting results, but luyao_angel votes remain at the leading position, keep about 100 votes and second of the gap. However, in the activities of the closing minutes before second (20 players) votes suddenly soar, to become the first.

is in contact with Miss Lu nine wins award when suddenly discovered the event page prize two name was changed to other people, and their participating and voting page has been deleted nine wins. The reporter uses Baidu snapshot found that the announcement of the winners really miss lu. When the contact nine wins customer service, the staff explained as "the No. 9 player because of dissatisfaction with the initiative to give up the prize".

many owners have spontaneously posted after that, in the famous "laggards" forum, said nine wins the black box operation behavior. To date, still no formal response to nine wins alliance. For this progress, the site will continue to focus on.

attached 1: Baidu snapshot retention History page


of 2: users luyao_angel canvassing votes.

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