The clouds of mystery the story behind the founder was arrested

some people call them safe knight, some also call them cyber villain. They walk in the gray space, they dance on the edge, either in black or white, a prison, a glory.


, Ma policy

, editor Wang Genwang

after four and a half years, the clouds once again shut down.

multiple sources confirmed that the founder of the company, including small Dayton, including several members of the cloud network team was taken away by the police in July 19th.

shut down the reason is still outside love speculation, but the two opposite attitudes that are essentially different value judgment on the company’s people.

clouds never lack supporters and opponents. In the eyes of supporters, it is cloud era hood in the information thieves and Internet companies on the head of a warning curse". In the eyes of opponents, it is like a bomb may be detonated at any time in the industry, the longer the suspension of the greater the power.

the earliest to hunt large Internet Co vulnerability famous non-profit community, has become the largest gathering of China white hat and vulnerability disclosure platform. Entrepreneur & I dark horse query information was informed that as early as the end of 2014, the clouds have gathered more than 7000 white hat, daily reported more than 100 vulnerabilities.

, according to its official statement, the clouds and the user only know the security issues of hostility to people who have a contradiction. Including disregard for user information security of large enterprises, the black industry, as well as institutions rely on the closure of profit.

Internet Co to be afraid of it, because a white hat "Bug Hunters" to explore these big companies always bored, and always from their seemingly solid information security building pry loose brick. Small Internet Co also afraid of it. The desire for development speed, often let the security system in a disastrous state they cannot withstand a single blow.

and the United States of America in the past, the usual approach – a good man wearing a white hat, bad guy wearing a black hat similar to the extension of the network security industry, white hat means a positive hacker. Different from the black hat (malicious) hackers, white hat can also identify security vulnerabilities, but not malicious use but choose to publish. They are each equipped with special skills, such as malicious hackers also suffered the same question.

vulnerability hunting behavior is regarded as the most unstable link. White hat is the means of penetration is destroyed, whether they will steal information, whether the right to illegal?


of this group with the cloud network brought to the public opinion in the teeth of the storm, mixed. They both romantic and mysterious, but subject to the interests of business and political criticism.

cloud network to shut down. Only the most senior members of the industry or peer maintains "does not stand, no evaluation, not to spread" posture, and all they are regarded as speculation or falling.

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