National news website will formally implement the press card system

central broadcasting network Beijing on October 29th news reporter 29 from the national Internet information office to understand, in order to strengthen the team construction of news website reporter editor, to improve the overall quality of the team, the state Internet information office and the State Press and Publication Administration today jointly issued "on the news website in the news reporter certificate issued notice", the notification requirements in the the national news website officially launched the press card system. Nationwide news website editors which officially incorporated into the unified management.

currently, news websites have become an important source of information, has made significant progress and achievements in information collection and release etc., greatly meet the needs of hundreds of millions of Internet users of news and information, enrich the cultural life of the people. National Internet Information Office spokesman Jiang Jun said, according to the relevant State Council authorization, the state Internet information office is responsible for the national Internet content management, and is responsible for supervision and management of law enforcement. The United State Press and publication administration according to law and order in the news website promotion press card system, network media development trend is inevitable to adapt actively, to further standardize the Internet news information services, but also improve the network practical requirements of the overall quality of editors and reporters, and network space.

it is understood that in the national news website officially launched the press card system will be in strict accordance with the "Internet information services management approach" "Internet news information service management regulations" "press card management approach" to the "State Council on the authorization of national Internet information office is responsible for the management of Internet information content of work notice" and other related regulations. Jiang Jun said, the news website reporter certificate issued will be the spirit of "careful implementation, installment, safe and orderly, controllable" principle, the implementation scope is approved by the state Internet information office and Internet news information service license for a class of qualified and qualified personnel should apply for the news website, news website system or hired full-time engaged in news gathering and editing work for more than a year and has a news gathering work experience of personnel. National Internet information office is responsible for news website editor training and qualification checks, the State Press and Publication Administration of radio is responsible for issuing press card.

Jiang Jun pointed out that the press release issued by the national news website and the press card issued by the traditional media in order to ensure that the traditional media and network media the same standard, unified management. News sites must be issued in accordance with the relevant provisions of the scope, application conditions, application procedures, and other aspects of the application of eligibility criteria, strict control of the scope of press card issued. At the same time, the "notice" also asked the news website sponsored or the competent authorities shall conscientiously fulfill the duties of audit, audit strictly news website submitted application materials, guide the news website news reporters license issued by the timely completion of work, and strengthen the supervision of the news website news management.

is another development, carry out the work of journalists permit system in the news website, the state Internet information office and the State Administration of radio news will be published to establish linkage.

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