nventory ten events occurred in the nternet sector in 2016

is about to pass in 2016, the Internet is wonderful. At this stage you Changba me play, what happens to the



editor’s note: This article from the WeChat public number InfoQ (ID:infoqchina), author Cindy, editor Betty

2016 annual Internet event inventory, you will see these elements:

capital winter

three first year: the first year of artificial intelligence, the first year of the webcast, the content of the first

community economy

share economy

VR technology

block chain technology

intelligent hardware

Internet +

startups and giant

network monitoring

is about to pass in 2016, the Internet is wonderful. At this stage you Changba me play, what happens to the big event? Let me see InfoQ editor for you by decomposition.

capital winter

2016 throughout the year, the industry as China’s capital winter.

what causes the capital cold winter?

First of all,

is an irregular IPO pause. Two markets have a greater impact on the primary market. China’s capital comes from two aspects, one is China’s own, and the other is an international investment. When the IPO will be directly pulled down after a fund’s return on investment, the flow of capital is flowing, so there is a large amplification effect, the supply of funds will produce a lack of amplification cycle. This amount of money drops, winter comes.

second is the industry cycle. Now, although everyone is in business, everything has imagination, but this is not in line with the laws of the economy, the real success of entrepreneurs, after all, is a minority.

third is the internet. The Internet is very different from the traditional industries, when the strength of the capital began to fall when the urgent need for what the first need for technological breakthroughs, second need to break through the technology market. The first quarter of micro letter has reached 540 million, from PC to mobile to spent more than a decade ago, but WeChat mobile terminal from four years to complete the overall migration of the main consumer groups. After the migration of the main consumer groups, a lot of C end something funny and fun ideas, is a process of cliff fall, entrepreneurial opportunities is the collapse process.

finally, look at the macroeconomic environment. This year China’s economic growth rate of only 6.9%, has fallen expectations. From the speed to the growth of quality and efficiency, as well as the supply of labor, the supply of macro labor has a direct impact on traditional enterprises and even emerging economies.


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