Want to live content entrepreneurship Look at the new media advertising trends analysis

today accidentally saw a "2016 media spending in the first half of the list," secretly surprised. In the first half of 2016, China’s overall advertising spending zero growth in the case of new media advertising spending in the rapid growth. This is undoubtedly a good news for content entrepreneurs.


said that the content of entrepreneurship the next outlet is live, but live what? Do the electricity supplier to sell? Has the industry assert current "primary" red net broadcast will be "professional" and "vertical" instead of live. Compared to a variety of incentives, stable advertising will be a greater source of revenue. So before deciding to live, may wish to read the new media advertising trend analysis.

days ago, CCTV Market Research (CTR) released a "the first half of 2016 Chinese advertising market overview". Monitoring data show that in the first half of 2016, China’s overall advertising spending growth almost disappeared, an increase of only 0.1%. Traditional media, which fell by 6.2%, the biggest decline in recent years.



compared with the traditional media, new media advertising has accelerated growth. From the above we can see that, in addition to traffic video, the Internet, commercial buildings, video and theater videos are growing faster than a year ago, and the largest proportion of Internet advertising. This is before, easy micro broadcast vice president Xu Zhibin shared a set of data is echoed: "find the change from social media during the Spring Festival of the amount invested, social media advertising budgets from the past most of the enterprises accounted for 3%-5%, has been upgraded to 10%-30%, and is expected to increase to 50%-70%, advertising play more new tricks."

and the new media and the corresponding income list is surprisingly similar, according to the study of Journalism and communication Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Social Sciences Documentation Publishing House jointly sponsored the "new media Blue Book: China No.7 new media development report (2016)" (hereinafter referred to as the blue book) in statistics, 2015 China Internet advertising market reached 209 billion 670 million yuan, an increase of 36.1%; and in 2015 four major newspapers radio and television advertising and traditional media industry is only 174 billion 353 million yuan, much lower than the Internet advertisement market scale.

this should be a great news for new media content entrepreneurs.

, after all, historical reasons, leading to the logic of the media has been the advertising model, the old and new media are not out. To issue when the "twenty-first Century economic report" in the peak period is 400 thousand years, while advertising revenue is 300 million; and the new media, since the early 2013 launch of WeChat advertising bidding Cheng Ling Feng began several months of 13 single business income of 150 thousand yuan, "advertising" became a profitable channel from the media. A variety of PR soft wide full of

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