How to find customers through the network

today, whether it is a traditional industry or emerging industries are good, two ways of marketing means nothing more than the traditional sales and marketing staff to run a single network; and if you just grab a hand, it may be defeated in the competition. And this is the inevitable law of market competition, an enterprise is not the product or service it is not good, but it can not win the customer’s heart, can not let customers like and use.

in the strong network platform competition, enterprises can certainly use the traditional marketing means to grasp the market share and the advantages of the original, but this advantage is not constant, if we once out of control, and not to seize the network this platform, it is very dangerous. Because customers are not loyal to the enterprise can be said that this is the nature of the business. It is concerned about the customer’s products or services can bring much benefit and effect.

savvy customers are more convenient to use the network conditions, wantonly search and parity, so today or your customers, tomorrow may become someone else’s customers, which is too common thing. So how do we find more customers for our own business?

stand on the dealer’s point of view, personal contact with a lot of dealers, moving is the agent or all the materials needed to sell customers, this is a very dangerous signal. Why? In fact, now the market demand is more and more professional services and products, rather than those without special service providers, because those small and complete agents, is likely to damage the interests of customers and some petty profits.

stand in the perspective of the factory supplier, not only a single customer needs to nurture, more is the entire industry. Especially now the raw materials have been rising, many companies unbearable cost growth burden, customer facing unacceptable circumstances, so some things such as Jerry appeared, they would only bring a spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, the industry and a region all lose credibility. Eventually led to the enterprise is eliminated by the market!

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