U S media winter is coming to China’s entrepreneurial boom began to cool

American "Wall Street journal" the September 14th article, the original title: China startup Chinese cold wind blew through the stock market turmoil and the slowdown worries deepen began to affect the country’s vibrant areas of science and technology, science and technology center in Shenzhen, some in the initial stage of start-up companies to raise funds for failing to shut down.

"winter is coming, and I think the startup boom is cooling." Last year, Yu Xiaoyang, who left Tencent to set up an online medical consulting firm, said he was trying to find new investors and was also struggling to return to big companies to do more stable jobs.

similar to the China mood change economy as one of the few bright spots shrouded in clouds: a lot of money and talent influx of technology companies and start-up companies. This company is a Alibaba, the Tencent blowout into the global Internet giant companies. Over the past few years, there are more than 12 Chinese start-up companies worth more than $1 billion. Now, investors invest heavily in venture capital companies to remain cautious. Downward pressure on the value of small start-up companies are particularly harmful. At the end of August, to help find the owner of the maintenance service of Shenzhen culture (sound) company to get new financing after it failed to close the door.

‘s experience shows that the environment is changing so fast for tech entrepreneurs. Bertelsmann Asia investment fund management partner Long Yu said earlier this year, the stock price rises under the encouragement of many domestic listed companies rushing more money into a variety of start-up companies, including those that lack of competition ideas and business plans. In the first half of this year, the amount of investment in start-up technology companies in China started to grow to $2 billion 200 million from $648 million a year ago.

is not every start-up companies are suffering. China taxi company drops fast company said last week, in a new round of financing raised $3 billion in venture financing scale, and support the company. Some entrepreneurs are still optimistic that they expect China’s technological innovation and investment wave will continue. (the author Juno · AO Savoy, Chen Kang translation)

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