Demand driven or technology driven The great leap forward chat robot is driving a car that goes back

message platform to become the new app carrier

believes that everyone has realized that the core functionality of today’s mobile phones is not actually a call, but a message. Since people spend most of their time on the messaging platform, why not add more functionality to the application, so people don’t have to jump between the various app.


WeChat is actually doing so. It plays the role of a high-level operating system. In the past, all kinds of app are installed directly on the iOS, Android and Windows operating systems, and now, there are a lot of app is directly attached to the presence of WeChat. You can also send information on WeChat, in the above ordering, shopping, playing games, etc…..

WeChat in solving the communication between people, but also to solve the communication between people and goods and services. Many companies have begun to consider the provision of appropriate services in WeChat before considering their own independent app.

here we are in the obvious to people, WeChat took us a lot of time in the chat application, it is not what to chat robot to deal between people and people, people and business services communication introduction. The interaction between people and businesses are still through our fingertips occur, and these business services are running on WeChat inside the application, users need to download and switch to other app to complete the functions they want.

App problem

is now a mobile Internet era, I believe that we are all agree. In such an era, businesses need to get customers, the best way is to have their own killer applications. Such as Taobao, WeChat.

but such a good application is not so easy to develop, even if you have developed, it is more difficult to promote it, so that users installed on their phones. To know that most users will not be able to install a new application basically a month, even if the application has been installed in a few of those.

but you look at the application of Android and iOS app store, the number has reached three million of the public, you have a little careless application, it will be submerged in the ocean of this piece of app.


chat robot by pushing Facebook Messager, the main selling point is that people can not download any app, and can service businesses do not need the deep link under the condition of interaction, don’t even need to be redirected to any website (another set of APP streaming solutions such as Google some time push. Do not need to log on, do not need to manually enter the payment password, just need to access the corresponding chat robot will be able to complete the desired function.

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