Lao Xie write soft points

Lao Xie today, the main points of soft Wen, I hope the webmaster who have some help.

starting from the consumer life, to guide readers to read the story down.

the operation mode of the most successful soft soap, when the price reached 9 yuan expensive SOFTTO Papaya Soap is with its vivid description of the story, the magical papaya white skin told to attract a large number of young female consumers, become an independent school in the market. In fact, the effect of papaya white skin is not really so magical, but Suofute caught the general female lust for speckle white skin, and special papaya to give the product a mysterious female fragrant flavor, not only make it, that person is unable to stop, and effectively promote the purchase. We should see more, although some exaggeration, Softto not credible, but in fact it’s content comes from the truth. For example, about Japan freckles little star, some people will think is a false story, but no way to go to Japan to verify, but the little star but really is the promotion Suofute in Japan spokesperson, Softto very cleverly use her freckled face as her image so can’t remove reason, said that if the promotion you have a star sign like freckles, it’s better to be cautious in using Softto papain whitening soap. In fact, we all know that it is hard to remove the spot, not to mention the soap wash everyday can go to the white skin, but Suofute so propaganda really let people remember its products. Talk about the story, if Ying Cao can not help but think of a little earlier today in the entertainment industry such as public awareness, Suofute will ask her to do the talking, because she has a mole can not get rid of the image. From this story we can see the good, clever use of some objective phenomenon, another point of refined products of interest, some vivid story is not as simple as imagined, but not random, but deep thinking and creative performance.

when the target is established, the release of soft Wen must follow the principle of continuity, planning.

CCTV advertising department director Guo said with emotion, an idea if a statement does not repeat, repeatedly said that it is still impossible to remember. Astronaut special milk ads Mengniu if not broadcast every day, repeatedly broadcast a variety of broadcast, our people may not buy it. It just came out only when borrowing satellite launch docking, how far fetched, people in its modern sex forgive, no special think about Mengniu milk. However, due to the longer broadcast advertising concept, then a new version tells the astronaut special milk, especially in manned satellite events has been out of media vision, it was still broadcast, causing people to respect the China aerospace industry so strong, Mengniu milk Chinese slogan popular, everyone began to accept the "drink Mengniu milk the most beneficial to the body" such products understand, Mengniu milk product market quickly became the first brand. So, soft Wen released is the same reason, only continuity, planned operation soft, in order to really get promotion results. >

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