Electricity supplier Or electric Electricity providers how to survive

from the beginning we feel very popular Taobao customers, not only solve the problem of their Taobao business promotion, but also the achievements of the glorious years a denver. Today, when Taobao found some of the original support platform at Amoy hot up, even Amoy platform traffic have great lethality for Taobao, you can’t have "wolf" for Taobao, which will have a "guest membership system reform". It can be said that this policy completely blocked all the small guest of the future, said the good point that "clean electricity environment", of course like mogujie.com, beautiful said such a large platform,

is also a head-on blow!

"business" is a platform for the highest degree of enthusiasm in all industries, even in 11 years has put forward a new business model of social business, the effect of this concept came out which was caused by covering the entire Internet platform, overnight tycoons to follow up, a variety of electronic business platform have nominated, taobao.com, dangdang.com, Eric, happy net, but for the independent social business platform, their advantage is not covered, or even other platforms are unable to compete with it a space for one person, perhaps this is the taobao.com issued "an important reason for guest membership system". Is the electricity supplier? Or electric injury? We all know the mall difficult, a platform is difficult, once we rely too much on the go to develop in a platform, which one day may have been abandoned, if we really want to win a space for one person on the Internet platform, electricity providers need to explore a new path of development in 13 years.

in the social transformation of the process from the electricity supplier there is a misunderstanding, many people do not know where the needs of users, of course, to the socialization mode, can create a new and in conformity to the taste of the user and the business platform for the Internet, often and not too much to stand in the user thinking, even it will become a means of marketing, said simply, we do not want to see piles of promotion information, we as users will be more hope to use the Internet platform to share more of our users own ideas.

there is a saying there may be people can not fully understand, what is the user experience? A real solution, is that most users want to see, even if the users of our website is not interested, but we can make the user experience through our interest to solve the problem of users, this is the user experience.

do electricity supplier, the biggest problem is to promote, today I have discussed is around the promotion of change in the way, but not much to analyze the transformation of the electricity supplier model. A lot of people in the electricity supplier to promote the way when you can not help but feel stereotyped, platform promotion and channel promotion. In fact, these two kinds of promotion if it is subdivided to write popular in terms of the latter promotion funds is a practical problem to solve, of course, if you have good interpersonal relationship, perhaps can save money. Speaking from the platform to promote, and now a lot of forums, as well as post bar, and even micro-blog has been introduced for the promotion of the various

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