People in the network ‘ll tell you what kind of article hits

what kind of article hits high, I think everyone wants to know, but why is the same in others is recommended to the home page or click on the high quantity, we the only quietly hiding in the corner? The following is the network of people based on their marketing research about the view:

1, really work hard?

I think we all like Jackie Chan, because it’s a real. In fact, writing is the same, if casually write article is recommended to the home page or click on the quantity is surprisingly high, I think you are not an expert is the top master, conversely even expert or master writing does not necessarily have to be recommended to the home page or click on the high quantity. After all, have real value, to the material is strength. If we are not experts or are in the process of moving forward to experts, it should be taken seriously. Even if we do not write a lot of people do not laugh at us, and once you become an expert, write a bad article, it is not others laugh at you so simple. So the novice or are moving towards the experts of friends, do not have too much opportunism and luck, more effort is to write a good article.

2, the title written yet?

a lot of people write in "article how high traffic", has been to seize the title of the article is not put, say how several techniques to improve the traffic, but also there is some truth in this practice, but some one-sided. You think about it, if you change a title can have good traffic, so every day we change the title. But to tell the truth, a good title can really bring high traffic, like my last published "the most should master a promotion", now it’s what I write in the reading quantity is the highest. How to grasp the method of the title, I tell you a secret: write the article. I think this article published after, sure there are still a lot of software writers view, you may be one of them, ha ha, or you don’t care about what the click rate is high.

3, often published ‘good article’ you pay attention to self marketing it?

if you often write articles, and the effect is very good, the occasional article visits is not high, you may feel "Xiejiabaoshu leaves occasionally be not at all surprising, after all.". But how to make each article hits your high is a knowledge. We all know Confucius, because there are a lot of famous sayings of Confucius, and every famous saying will be added in front of the ‘Confucius said’, said two times, we can not remember the past, but the number of more than to remember the. It is worth noting that this can not be arbitrarily added, a good thing to build brand, bad things hit brand. When you dare to sign in front of your article, that you really need to come up with the ability to, or else their brand has not stood up and let yourself hit.

4, each article is written to the soft


now knows marketing, but everything is a when the effect >.

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