Ma Yun entrepreneurship is a long run Sometimes you have to learn to live on your knees

1, Alibaba made mistakes

in 2000, when the Alibaba raised $five million, I made a mistake. Because of the money, the Alibaba with any company, please, please executives began to please foreigners, 500 of the world’s vice president, we invited a lot of people, this is just like a Boeing 747 engine mounted on a tractor, the tractor did not fly, but split up.

in terms of employment, these get the elite of MBA kept talking to me strategy. I remember there was a marketing vice president told me: Ma, this is the next year’s marketing budget. I look at it, my God, it’s $twelve million, I only got five million dollars. He replied that he had never made a plan of less than $ten million!

in terms of business center, we think it is a good choice to move to Silicon Valley. Because there are a lot of excellent engineers and all kinds of Internet talent, but we do it later, when the team found that when the Silicon Valley team, Hangzhou team just off work, it is very difficult to communicate.

in the expansion, even these offices were set up to "herd". When the "western development" popular, I am happy to run to Chongqing, Chengdu and Kunming, see the electronic commerce can not help but see the Western revitalization? Scenario is that Alibaba four or five female employees are young, every day very seriously told people that you should buy a computer. At that time I felt wrong, our Alibaba in the office is the feeling of Alibaba in Western Poverty Alleviation Office, even if they do not buy a computer, how can you expect them to use the network? How can they expect to start a business in the network on the


in decision-making and management, I gradually powerless. Silicon Valley colleagues think that technology is the most important, when the Silicon Valley represents the pinnacle of the Internet, then Silicon Valley colleagues say it must be right. Here, the vice president of 500 companies in the United States multinational companies in Hongkong, they think it should be to the capital market development is right, when we listen to China do not know who. I asked us at the time of the company’s vice president: we have less than a year to become a multinational company, employees from 13 countries, how can we manage? He said Ma you rest assured that one day we will get better. But my heart is not practical, can not say that one day will be better, we do not move now.

Work with

whole state that so many smart, enthusiastic and full of innovative spirit of the people, like two hundred people in football, football court, fly to the other side, the whole group of people rushed past, results are not to that place, the ball was kicked to another place. We then rushed past, the back and forth, we even didn’t touch football, but also out of a sweat.

is not only the internal so many problems, even more frightening is that the global Internet companies have come to winter, fell a number of competitors, 90% of Internet Co are dead. O >

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