On the user search behavior in medical industry

What are the

medical user search habits? Share to introduce medical user related search today, from a common netizen, considered from an ordinary patient, hospital network marketing internet users are now facing what kind of environment. What is the reason, resulting in a high rate of online booking, but the situation is not optimistic about the


1, all kinds of diseases in the network promotion, the first time the patient was fooled, not on the second,

2, a person to give birth to a few disease life? A few times a few minor illness?? what kinds of


3, a person can not only ask a hospital on the Internet, it is impossible to ask only once.

4, some people can not only ask for an appointment immediately to the hospital, of course, this is a question of how many problems, there are a large number of people, but also the two search the hospital, the hospital asked the two time.

according to the above four points we can draw, a person had gynecological diseases, or for the relatives and friends, go to the hospital to see, not satisfied with the result, spend more money, then second times and around people with skin disease, but also to see, third had liver disease, or kidney disease, or encephalopathy, so at will exercise alone out of the hospital network, so she must be fine, what letter, which do not believe.

at the same time, a lot of people to open the bidding promotion, perhaps most feel the first credible, open, but he will not stay in the first place, perhaps after she asked, but also to see a few other, may also ask. Perhaps a few days after the search and ask another home, so he hesitated. At this time, he will choose a think reliably in a pile of Web site, the decisive factor is: website promotion, the website itself, the consultant’s communication, the hospital itself, competition, technology, cost, hospital brand, medical experience, will change his mind.

so, what we need to do? Maybe veteran who will say a lot. But how these reflect, where to reflect, how to reflect more accurately and effectively, hit its key, this is what we have to consider.

1, the site keywords ranking, we all know how to adjust, just in accordance with the classification of keywords, such as the focus of the flow of words such as edge

2, website planning and packaging: how to more real patients confidently packaging, this is what we should think hard problem is to give the patient a reason to believe you, you say to yourself, please take out the evidence, let out its view is really credible evidence that media? Hospital component honor? The real case?? experts name? Etc. all you can think of.

but the real problem here? How do you use the media, how to package the media to prove that this is really the case? How do you reflect this is really? How do you say this really is the name of the first expert? It is all around to allow patients to see "sincere" packaging, let them feel the real sense, >

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