Secret Rental housing output 240 million fake the original Taobao single and single all came

Abstract: according to the practice, in order to recover the production end, foreign. But now the manufacturing capacity of Houjie is very strong, all kinds of big shoes can almost do it. As for the materials needed, everything in houjie. Fang Peiji, the big international line COACH, Chanel, Hermes, now use Dongguan shoes, such as Adidas and NIKE is a frequent visitor Houjie shoe.

fake Ali pain, but also the pain of China’s economy." In 2015, because the problem of fake, Ma again stand on the public opinion in the teeth of the storm, sound to the world to "cure fakes". Just in Wuzhen during the end of the Second World Conference of the Internet, Liu Qiangdong said in an interview, fake online, make Chinese clothing and shoes brand in competition with foreign brands in defeat across the board, therefore, he believes that the "fake not eradicated, China difficult to have a great brand".

in the manufacturing industry developed Dongguan again this year, blowing a fake storm. Up to now, the public security departments have been investigated 150 cases of intellectual property infringement cases, arresting 175 people and seized counterfeit goods worth 240 million yuan. In the process of investigating and handling cases, fake sales as a very important intermediate station — rental, constantly refresh people think on it.


The year of

, many workers who came to have a "world factory" Dongguan dream, cheap rental housing provides shelter. Now, skilled criminals use rental housing cover of selling fake goods, large scale and mature industry chain, surprise.


from the Dongguan police recently announced the case, Fenggang an ordinary rental workshop, within half a year and 30 thousand fake Apple mobile phone, sold to more than and 20 provinces and cities nationwide. Liaobu office rental production of fake millet, Samsung, Apple’s mobile phone screen, also sold to many provinces, worth 23 million 410 thousand yuan, even the Ministry of public security. Fake brand-name shoes, such as rental housing Houjie Wanjiang selling, tens of thousands of double, through a network of sales to Taiwan, United states……


The process of

in Dongguan to combat fake, fake shoes Houjie cases not only quantity, but also the size of individual cases is also amazing. In November this year, the Ministry of public security supervision cracked Houjie "7· 29 and selling fake shoes case, according to the disclosure, from the police led by a couple of rental housing selling fake N B shoes crime network, seized counterfeit brand of 45 thousand pairs of shoes, involving the value of 59 million 890 thousand yuan, is the history of the largest fake Houjie the case of shoes.


said the word fakes, chairman of Dongguan Shoe Association Fang Peiji think, can not simply be attributed to fake. He said, precisely Houjie shoes fake, fake brand of others. The quality is.

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