1001pharmacies into China 1 years said the president has a better development

note: France’s largest online pharmacy platform 1001pharmacies in May 2015 the official opening of Chinese network, began to expand Chinese market. Last year, Chinese Chinese customers in the network can be described as "chop hand countless", President of Cé dric O; "Neill wrote in his letter:" Cette anné e passé e parmi; vous nous a permis de nous dé velopper Au mieux. (this year, because of you I have a better development)."


(1001pharmacies Chinese mobile terminal interface)

refers to the "4.18 customs tax", a lot of cross-border electricity still haunt. But when the French President 1001pharmacies Cé dric O Neill "in an interview said:" we are a lot of selling goods were sold out in a Chinese network update."

1001pharmacies of France Chinese open market, behind the first battle actually hiding some kind of operation strategy? At the beginning of 2015, it began planning in China market plan, but has been the form into China and the lingering. 1001pharmacies itself is an online platform, and then the territory of China Sea Amoy hot Sheng, based on this understanding, so they are prepared on the basis of the original network, in addition to build a Chinese network.

Chinese Chinese

1001pharmacies network to provide customer service, with Alipay and UnionPay payment, goods directly from the French pharmacy Chinese and provide real-time direct mail, logistics tracking. "French drugstore has been Chinese customers, in the original French network there are many such Chinese customers, we believe that in the China there are many do not understand French but people love French goods." Cé dric O ‘Neill, which is the motivation for his creation of the Chinese Web site, they want to create one-stop shopping experience for Chinese consumers.


(official Chinese propaganda map)

May 2015, 1001pharmacies Chinese online line. It has been China striking one snag after another, and meet consumers. Just a landing Chinese market, it will put the high cold "emperor daughter mentality" attitude, in line with the China retail market "mail" or "discount" mix form, self promotion. This localization of China’s operating strategy, the effect is good, and soon was welcomed by the Chinese people to cultivate the habit of Taobao online shopping.

in April this year, the electricity supplier overseas hunting >

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