Courier to enter the electricity supplier only product show efforts to create the perfect shopping s

last year came with its preferred SF express website into e-commerce, mainly engaged in imported products, the price is not very high, in the face of the low-end customers, and their implementation is full of $59 that free shipping. From last year to now there are a lot of people to express the industry to do electricity supplier, whether the real success, in fact,

SF electricity supplier has his own advantages, first of all, in this brand has prevailed over other websites, when completed in the preferred SF, replacing Li Dongqi CEO. Secondly, SF has its own express outlets, for the procurement and distribution to reduce the time and energy. Then, SF has its own

management experience and business model, regardless of whether this experience and model can be copied to the electricity supplier to develop it, there is this idea and give the implementation is also worth learning.

began to express a flashlight business, those of us who do the electricity supplier can not relax. We only show ( is a high-quality sharing site, there are professional small collection in the background to collect the latest discount information, trying to create the perfect shopping site available to consumers.

than the three most difficult things in the business: 1, user experience is not good, it is difficult to retain customers; 2, it is not easy to promote; 3, brand and Taobao is different, if the problem is to buy the product in the brand on the station, station customers directly to the brand and scoring, Taobao stuff the problem is related to the business, and Taobao Never mind. The only product show in the face of these difficulties also made efforts for the user experience, and strive to put all the latest and most preferential activity displayed for the user to choose in the home page, the site offers various brands of finishing plate in the "promotion". "Brand sinks" contains a number of digital home appliances, clothing, shoes, bags, food department stores, sports health, maternal and child toys and other types of brand sites.

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