Tencent electricity supplier independent crisis self C2C B2C difficult integration


looks like a smooth and clean the reasonable resources integration, but the door is still out of order, the electricity supplier in the future Tencent numerous variables


Tencent electricity supplier holding company chairman Liu Chiping

May 18th, Tencent electricity supplier independent.

all natural, Tencent electric holding company grand debut, the original Tencent’s 6 major business units translated to the new company, responsible for the electricity supplier line of senior executive vice president of Tencent Wu Xiaoguang logical to assume the new company CEO.

is regarded as the independent Tencent business "adult ceremony", in a tepid 7 years later, the electricity supplier is preparing to make a Tencent. Wu Xiaoguang made no secret to internal staff letter in his ambition: "hope for the future through the independent listing and other means of capital operation, to create greater value for the Tencent group." Perhaps this is the big change in the Tencent has become the biggest driving force, the electricity supplier only independent of the.

but the road does not seem smooth. First of all, independent electricity supplier must face his left embarrassed: Although the first quarter of 2012 turnover reached 750 million yuan, but still conceal the fact of loss; and after two years of big acquisitions after staking, the business has always been lack of coordination. Independent electricity supplier observers Lu Zhenwang said, "the Tencent business is now lacking spirit of cooperation."

like a lot of Tencent products as the argument, as the future direction of its electricity supplier, the industry also gave sufficient attention. Lei Jun was in a forum that teased: no direct competition with Ma Huateng may not know how strong the Tencent. But this time, the electricity supplier chiefs seemed relieved, dangdang.com before the veteran chief operating officer, said Huang Ruo of the Tencent of retail electricity supplier independent good care; a large domestic electricity supplier researcher told the "global entrepreneurs": "Tencent is a technology company, channels and supply chain management is not the strength of the we have a long way to go."


after the independence of the electricity supplier holdings continue to adjust, in May 24th, Ma Huateng announced that Tencent group president Liu Chiping served as chairman of the electricity supplier holding company.

Liu Chiping

is the independent electricity supplier "operator". The former Goldman Sachs investment bank in Asia to work because of the master of the capital to participate in the listing of Tencent in 2005 by Ma Huateng invited to join the Tencent. This background led independent electricity supplier, it is not difficult to understand its listing plan.

Tencent insiders told the Global Entrepreneur, Tencent independence is not plain sailing, there have been huge differences between the top, but Liu Chiping is a strong supporter of independent electricity supplier.

according to the source, the electricity supplier independent news late last year began to spread in the group, the electricity supplier Department has begun to adjust >

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