Large U S retailers said Ali may destroy local companies require tax

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on December 2nd news, according to Reuters, several big American retailers warned that the Alibaba group could "destroy" the local company, unless Congress blocked the tax loopholes for online retailers. Even in the United States before Ali has yet to establish a large consumer business, U.S. retailers have isolated it.

at the weekend television and radio advertisements, by best buy, Taghit, JC Penney and other major retailer business alliance (the Alliance public for Main Street Fairness) asked Congress to end to Ali and other online retailer giant special tax treatment.

the ad has become one of Ali’s largest public marketing activities. Ali deal with e-commerce transactions more than the sum of Amazon and eBay. Although it was in September this year, the world’s largest IPO record was known to U.S. consumers, but U.S. retailers have begun to resist ali.

U.S. retailers and industry analysts expect, with the huge amount of money obtained by IPO, Ali will soon launch a service for U.S. consumers. But Ali has said it will still focus mainly on the Chinese market, the growth of China’s consumer income and online penetration will ensure that the Chinese market is still the main driving force for future growth of the company. (compiler / Xiao rain)

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