11 double chop hand family in Tmall credit

recently, a lot of users log on Tmall, Tmall will be found in a column of the members of the rights and interests of consumption, and shows the amount of consumption, ranging from a few thousand dollars to several million. "I don’t know Tmall enough money, began to send money", "cut the hand" started "daydream". Yesterday, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from Tmall, the money can really consume. The ant to join Tmall developed micro credit installment purchase has been completed trial in Tmall City, Tmall officially extended to all categories of goods. But during the double 11 Tmall installment purchase will increase the credit limit for all users, and the introduction of the long term interest free installment.

according to reports, the rights and interests of consumption is displayed by the consumer Tmall installment available amount. Tmall is the micro credit installment purchase by ants and Tmall through big data analysis, to help businesses open to the user credit service credit good quality, so that consumers can get zero Shoufu goods, then payment service. If the rights and interests of the consumption amount of 10000 yuan, indicating that you can purchase a total of $10000 in the stage of goods in Tmall.

consumers in the two installment of Tmall quota. One is used for general merchandise consumption of the quota, the amount ranging from a few thousand dollars to several thousand dollars, and the other is specifically for the purchase of the car quota, which is larger, ranging from a few million to several hundred thousand dollars.

at present, in addition to the car stage, the stage of staging of Tmall to provide a routine choice of 3, 6, 9, and the 3 are zero fee. While the pilot run in the Electrical City, Tmall installment of the amount given to consumers in more than 6000 yuan in the upper and lower.

ant micro consumer finance manager Yang Xiao said, through the pilot run, Tmall stage of the wind control more mature. Taking into account the financial needs of consumers, the double 11 period, Tmall installment will be fully available to consumers the amount of available."

it is reported that after mentioning the amount of consumer installment will be raised from the current 6000 yuan per capita to about $10000 per capita. According to Yang Xiao said, in the current stage of the period, Tmall installment purchase at the same time in the planning to launch 11 double stage and long term, free of charge, "the product is still in design, but it is certain that the staging period will be more than the existing period, and zero fee."

in addition, consumers in the Tmall can stage the rapid expansion of goods. In July, Tmall installment purchase at Tmall Electric City pilot operation, double 11 Eve, all goods formally extended to Tmall’s category, Tmall currently has covered 1.5 10000, more than 800 thousand items. (reporter Wu Linlin)

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