Electricity supplier network financial products unsatisfactory 4% or earnings into the second half o

homogenization serious, the financial market continues to squeeze, so that the electricity supplier network financial products are no longer obvious advantages of high-yield.

in a lot of financial products in the market, the electricity supplier network financial products show the least optimistic." Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center Internet banking assistant analyst Qian Haili told reporters that the range from January 6.5% – 7.5% July 4% revenue range fell to 5% of the electricity networks of financial products annualized rate of return, money Haley that baby high-yield myth is shattered.

seven annualized rate of return, refers to the Monetary Fund’s average income level of the last 7 years after the data obtained in the future, is a short-term indicator, but it can be seen through the recent profitability.

relevant information, the past six months, the balance of treasure docking Celestica increasedliberty monetary yield of 7 years was the lowest in July 13th 4.169%, related products Suning, Jingdong, Baidu, WeChat, NetEase of the corresponding annual yield of 7, the lowest is in 4% – 5% between the two.

Qian Haili analysis, along with the year after market funds face relaxed, interbank interest rate is reduced, the electricity networks of financial products have collective 4% below trend, and the network of financial products yield about 4% will be the second half of financial products revenue norm. (end)

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