Cotton underwear into the market behind the quality Chinese CK regression

"our goal is to become Chinese CK, that is to say not only pay attention to the design, but also allow domestic consumers to CK underwear 20% price to enjoy the same quality of cotton". In April 11th, VCOTTON CEO announced the cotton Lin Wei will enter the underwear market, this time he plans to use the highest price of underwear products, to fill the domestic blank in the end of the market.


opportunities: end user market blank

as a "sock" as the starting point of the breakdown of electricity supplier brand, see the "cotton socks" this neglected market in the last year also saw hidden in the market behind the annual sales volume of more than ten billion yuan. The cotton CEO Lin Wei again dug up a gap in the market, that is the middle white-collar underwear market.

Lin Wei, most of the domestic supermarkets, stores sell underwear underwear are 20 yuan, and used the cotton fabric, wear very stuffy, comfort is not satisfactory. Recognized by the white-collar and other well-known underwear brand CK, but with an average price of more than 230 yuan, driven by a large number of consumers, in the end of the crowd on the brand is recognized, but the price is not recognized". As a result, Lin Wei saw the market, "regret" – the price is low enough for the low quality, quality up the price and can not afford. Lin Wei think, as long as the quality of a product CK and provide, and not to sell so expensive, would anyone buy it.

conditions: cooperation with JOCKEY foundry reached

Lin Wei said that cotton is about to launch in late April the first batch of underwear products, covers six basic styles of men and women, is the 100% cotton quality, with the quality of CK, and the price between 30-80 yuan, much lower than the CK average price of 100 yuan.

Lin Wei introduction, the reason why the price can be sold to the same CK underwear 20-30% quality products, is derived from the depth of cooperation with JOCKEY foundry. As a 125 years ago has been born underwear brand, JOCKEY’s reputation is even larger than CK, and the cooperation of the talks, but also because the JOCKEY in the understanding of the cotton and domestic underwear market, have great confidence in the market blank end groups.

Lin Wei gave some data: in 2010 the annual sales of more than 100 billion underwear in China, the future will be an annual growth rate of 20%, is expected in the next 3-5 years total sales will reach $800 billion. The underwear market currently accounts for about 34% of the total. According to this estimate, this year’s gross domestic underwear sales will be more than 40 billion yuan, in 2015 the market capacity of the underwear will reach $about 200000000000.

Lin Wei said, CK underwear production costs are not high, the reason why the price is high because the brand bargaining and channel costs too much. The cotton and JOCKEY>

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