Talk about the two marketing of e commerce

online shop business there are many different ways to convert a potential consumer, one of the most popular and one of the most effective way is through the electronic commerce marketing — two times using different strategies and automatic mail system to track the abandoned shopping carts website visitors.

what is e-commerce two marketing


e-commerce marketing is a shopping cart used to reduce waste rate of marketing techniques, Experian has done a study, the research report is the "two marketing report: benchmarking and data analysis of Web connection behavior and email marketing, the report pointed out that the online shop shopping cart abandonment rate reached 56.2%, at the same time report out of the abandoned shopping carts website visitors two effective marketing can increase the conversion rate of visitors.

two marketing sounds complicated, but behind the two marketing system theory and its practical reason is not difficult to understand, we can put the electronic commerce two marketing simply think that is such a process: we use the traditional marketing means to attract visitors to our website, if he did not buy two, we use the marketing strategy to visitors back to our website and put him into paying customers.


when a visitor abandoned shopping carts will leave at least some information, fill in the e-mail address of the left register, we can use these data to track visitors, mainly is to prepare for the two time in our marketing. This type of interaction is called the transformation of marketing or e-commerce two marketing.

a lot of e-commerce platforms are provided with a fully automated and event triggered approach to tracking the shopping cart abandonment in E – mail.

e-commerce in the two marketing soft sales

in the two marketing in the email should contain relevant information is helpful to improve the conversion rate of visitors, the details of the transaction information includes a shopping cart to waste, such as waste products and abandon a shopping cart can return to the site links to help them continue to complete the payment. All of our valuable data about consumers can be used in the two marketing email, so that the interaction process for consumers more personalized and friendly.

you can customize your email with a very friendly and gentle tone, in marketing, which is often called a soft sell, meaning that when you are in the two marketing first and customer contact, mail to use a mild tone for customer service.

There are many reasons why

customers can give up the final checkout cart, unless you know why the customer gives up the shopping cart, you’d better be gentle and helpful. You don’t have to go to "hard sell", you need to use a gentle tone in your email to ask if there are any technical problems that you can help, such as

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