The web site is like chasing a girlfriend

runs e-commerce sites, sells things on the web, and looks like a girlfriend. Looks like a friend? The female readers to feel, I don’t know. Maybe in the matriarchal clan, looks more like a friend e-commerce website now.

attract the attention of the opposite sex

There is no denying the fact that the first attraction to the opposite sex is the appearance of

. Although it seems a little too noble, but the fact that. Love a girl, because she is certainly not the first kind, more knowledgeable, more housework. Similarly, want to let the girls have a good impression on you, first of all, you have to attract the attention of each other in the external image.

for boys, it does not just mean to look handsome, but in a variety of possible ways to attract each other’s eyes, in a group of people first of all look different. Why do some people love rather baffling hair, which is probably the reason. Will you be noticed? The answer is yes.

of course, attention is only the first step, not necessarily a good result.

The same is true for

sites. At first glance, does your website and other websites look the same? Are they all like portals, or do they have their own characteristics? Can your slogan be in one second, and attract the viewer to continue to look at it?

be an interesting person

attracted by the appearance of the opposite sex, the general can not last long. Look at Andy Lau for 3 months. At this time, we need to have a certain meaning. You have to make girls feel fun with you, have a sense of humor, relax, most girls value these. Later, it may show moral, intellectual, social justice and other issues.

on the site, you are not put out a pair of eight faces, or to show a personal style? Does it provide useful information for users, or in addition to selling things to sell things?

let each other have a sense of security

although the status of women every day, now it has higher than male comrade. But in the final analysis, boys at home to play the role of the pillars of perseverance. By appearance, by humor, can become a good boyfriend, but if the lack of a sense of responsibility, sense of security, I am afraid that we can only stay in the boyfriend stage.

on the site, when the user wants to buy your product, you have as much as possible to allow users to trust you and your website? Will not pay the money, what can not? You have to rely on contacts, photos, user evaluation, qualification of all possible means to convince users in your shop here is safe and reliable.

care about girlfriend

The so-called

chivalrous tenderness, even hard sweat, treat yourself in love, will be gentle and considerate. This side is not in contradiction and fortitude, especially in life. When two people together, a long time, there is no contradiction to see the article that has not been a red face, how do I think how impossible. Noisy >

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